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    Having gotten back from a month's hiatus, I've come to the conclusion its time to get really serious about Devil's Cay, the community-created Grand Chat I'm developing for Skotos. Of the existing games, its most akin to Castle Marrach: a socialization roleplaying game. The genre is dark fantasy/horror. The setting is the modern day Caribbean, a resort island in the Bahamas named Devil's Cay.

    What I need is 4-5 people willing to volunteer 10+ hours a week for the next two months building objects. No coding is required; a lot of descriptive writing is. I've talked about object building in my column "In The Trenches " for four months and I think there's enough information there to give people a sense of what they'd be getting into.

    I've even given a couple dozen Marrach players the chance to fool around with some room design and using their ideas right now. But there's still a lot more to get done. I'm looking for some folks who'd keep at it enthusiastically and be willing to ask a lot of questions and chat here in the Storybuilding forum about their experiences.

    Anyone 18+ who'd like to apply for these positions should include a sample object- a tropical flower or plant that would be found on the island. Include Brief/Look/Examine Views for the Default Detail + a list of secondary details that the plant would have and B/L/E descriptions for each detail.

    Sound interesting? Sound confusing? What on earth am I talking about in the first place? Post and let me know.

    Laurel Stuart
    S7 Developer of Devil's Cay