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  • Seeking Staff for Lovecraft

    Staff Positions Available

    **Story Coder(s) Wanted for Lovecraft Country**

    Position Name: Story Coder
    Position Description and Responsibilities:
    • Full members of staff who are responsible for planning, writing, debugging, and maintaining various game scripts and systems. (This ranges from simple item actions/reactions to large-scale game systems like sorcery, MGeneric alteration, dueling, and so on.)
    • Address code-related issues in the Bug queue and resolving them.
    • Assist Story Builders and Story Plotters on code issues related to Building or Plotting projects.
    • Review existing game code (scripts and systems) and upgrading, updating, revising, or commenting said code for efficiency, speed, and/or readability.
    • Take direction on task assignments and code design/structure from the Lead Story Coder.
    • Manage their own To-Do Lists and weekly responsibilities under the direction of the Lead Story Coder.
    • Are responsible for the long and short-term integrity of their own game code and scripts, regarding debugging and quality assurance.
    Candidate Requirements:
    • Must have experience with programming and/or scripting languages, such as C/C++/C#/Small C, Java/JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, etc.
    • Must be willing to learn “Merry”, the Skotos scripting language. (Merry is a Skotos-created runtime-compiled scripting language that uses C-like syntax and is structurally like Java and/or C-languages. It is reasonably documented.)
    • Must be able to work successfully on team projects with fellow Story Coders, Story Builders, and Story Plotters.
    • Must be able to work individually on coding projects.
    • Must be able to fully comment and/or document code for future use, re-use, maintenance, or modification.
    • Must be able to devise and implement a script and/or code system from a design specification that may or may not be “programmer friendly” and may or may not contain pseudo-code, code snippets, and/or coding and/or code structure suggestions.
    • 5+ hours per week working on Lovecraft Country coding projects.
    • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement related to Skotos technical assets and Lovecraft Country intellectual property.
    • Must be able to adhere to the requirements of staff confidentiality.
    Position Benefits:
    • Full member of staff. (Including a staff body and email account, access to staff chat lines and proprietary Skotos development tools and support information.)
    • Fifty Storypoints per month while active.
    • The unending and unmitigated love and support of your fellow staff members and the joyful community-at-large.
    If you are interested, please send email to StoryHost Link at, and please include the following –
    • Some information about who you are, your experience with Lovecraft or other Skotos games (who you play, etc.) what you do, and why you’d make a good addition to the Lovecraft Country team.
    • Your qualifications and/or experience with scripting and/or coding languages.
    • Anything else you’d like to tell us that you think would be relevant.