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Proposals, technologies and actual chances

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  • Proposals, technologies and actual chances

    Hi. I see a lot of posts in regards to wether Skotos is still accepting proposals or not. I'm guessing you are depending on their fabulousness compared to other great things like sliced bread or why yes, even your own games for that, so that there's probably more or less a per-case review of these.

    That's not my question though. Well maybe it is, but not my full question at least. I was more or less wondering wether Skotos is currently focussing on specifics like technology and/or genre. This is of course to lead up to a shameless plug of my own project

    Altough I can definately see the wisdom and the, to be frank, coolness of providing the community with means to develop itself as you do through your storybuilding tools, do developers of their own (story-focussed) framework have a chance to get their game shared amongst your greater and/or lesser works? Or are you mostly focussing on developing from what you have currently?

    As said, I was leading up to a shameless plug, well here goes. I've been developing a game myself which I of course feel is very original and different and all that and it's planned for beta release on December 1st. However, altough I have the tech, the time and the dedication I'm currently really in need of the resources and community support/feedback. As such I'm considering turning in a proposal here. Considering this project is running mostly off of propriety (though very re-useable) code, do I actually have a chance?

    Yes. I'm lazy enough not to want to write an extensive proposal if I might be doing it for nothing but I'm able to type out this long a post to ask such a simple question :P Anyways, thanks for any light you could shed on this.

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    You should contact Shannon Appelcline < > if you have a game that you think might be suited for our community. I can't say more, but we do have some other third-parties that we are talking to about bringing their games to Skotos.

    -- Christopher Allen