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  • a new idea (that i personally love)

    I have been spending the last two years writing a fantasy novel. I handwrote it, had it cretiqued by numerous people, researched an agent, found a reliable editor, typed it up all the way to chapter 7 1/2, and THEN THE HARD DRIVE I SAVED IT ON GETS REFORMATTED, and I didn't even know what happened until it was ALL DELETED. (pant pant) luckily, I e-mailed it to one of my correspondants and will e-mail a return request. UNTIL THEN, (I've got to hurry up) I decided to diddle around w/ a WONDERFUL program called TERRAGEN, which creates PHOTOREALISTIC landscapes, oceans, and, if your willing to put the effort into it, castles. For FREE. This could be used in making my novel into a game, and ALL the correspondants who read it all the way through agreed that it was worthy of being made into a feature-length movie. I hope this is correct. Obviously, I cannot post the whole thing here, but I would like to see this responded to. I am not proficiant in any coded form of anything, but would love to donate to this project:
    - Vocals
    - 3D rendered backrounds
    - the entire story
    - many useful programs
    - and I hope to get a grant of $1000 for this project (should I decide to make it into a movie)

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    Furthermore you should know THIS: I am in the process of creating a team: 1 coder, 2 artists, 2 writers, 5 voice talents. Need more coders. We will probably be using something like C++ or 9if we get REALLY desperate) POVRay (uses JAVAscript). I realized now that the subject was probably useless, inasmuch as I can likely find the team where I am. HOWEVER, I need suggestions for programs to create 3D models and convert .ter files to other compatible formats. Sorry if I sound hyper or nagging, but this wouldn't fit in one post.


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      First off, Persistence of Vision doesn't use Javascript, last I checked. The program itself was written in C, isn't it?

      Second, there was an article or comment I read about an hour ago that said something about the fact that an on-site team isn't really necessary. What's needed is the team SPIRIT, not the physical team. So a bunch of online friends would be good enough.

      Third, as far as I know, Skotos hosts and works primarily with textual-based games. So while you might recruit some help off these forums, it won't be directly out of Skotos.

      Fourth, here's what I suggest you do:
      -Publish the book. This determines the opinion of the mass market, which is not only more important than a small number of correspondents, but also provides you with venture capital for the next step(s).
      -Find out which is more feasible (ask as many people as possible, especially professionals in both fields): a movie, or a game.
      -Do it. Tell your publisher to put advertisements at the back of the book (or on the cover!) for the game/movie. After you have one started, use that as an advertisement for the other.

      This is basically one of the paths that LotR seems to have taken, though by different people at different times. The book was published and loved. The movie is in the process of being delivered. The game(s) are out and about. And they all sell each other. People buy the book because they know the movie. People watch the movie because they know the book.

      Last, hoping to get a thousand-dollar grant would NOT be a donation you make. *grins*
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        I've used both Terragen and POVray before. Neither are suitable for movies. In order to add castles into Terragen, for instance, you need to use 3DSM, Maya, Lightwave, or other similar general-purpose 3d modelling/rendering package (Blender is a possible Free alternative).

        As for .ter file conversion, .ter files are simply heightfields (I've written a few .ter parses as an exercise when I was just learning C). The real magic of Terragen is in the surfaces and rendering engine.


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          If there is any help you need I would love to help in anyway I can

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