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Seeking Storys for Lazarus Sleeping

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  • Seeking Storys for Lazarus Sleeping

    I’m looking for a couple of volunteer s who would be interested in working on an upcoming Skotos game, Lazarus Sleeping – a dark sci-fi title set in a world where science has run amuck -- gene splicing, strange creatures, mad scientists… all lovely things like that.

    Right now I am looking for helpers of all sorts (coding experience not required) who are interested in writing descriptions of rooms, creating objects, and details. Enthusiasm and dedication are a big plus.

    Coders are also welcome to apply, especially any who have experience in LPC or C.

    If interested, send an email to

    Feel free to mention any experience with RPG games, writing samples (if you have any), or coding experience. If interested in building rooms/objects, send me a sample room or object description (generic mush/mud style will do).



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