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Introducing the New Skotos Seven Game.

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  • Introducing the New Skotos Seven Game.

    Glory of the Nile

    Good day to you all, Skotosians.

    I am StoryGuru Hobbes and I am project leader for the new Skotos-7 game, “Glory of the Nile.” Glory of the Nile, or GN for short, is a mythological fiction drama set in the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

    The game will include grand theatre-based gameplay, where players will be able to interact with the Pharaoh, the rich pantheon of gods and goddesses, three ruthless noble houses and many colourful characters. We'll update you with little snippets of news along the way, once I get my PR guy off his couch and doing his job.

    I'm lucky that I have a great team to work with, both Skotos veterans and some significant help new to these pages. We are still at the organisational process at this point, and as such are still recruiting builders, coders and researchers to handle the ambitious task of getting this city up and running efficiently.

    That said, I don’t handle the recruitment of coders. A post to that effect will be created by the lead coder in due time. However, I will accept applications for builders and researchers/writers. I assure you, these are not formal job applications.

    If you want to take part in this exciting opportunity, you can PM me, or email me at Please include the following:
    • Your first/given name,
    • How long you have been subscribed to Skotos,
    • What games you play and what characters in those games,
    • If you have any prior experience as a StoryBuilder of a Skotos game, no matter in what facility,
    • Your particular expertise or familiarity with ancient Egypt,
    • The amount of time you are willing to devote to this project, and
    • Any experience whatsoever that would make you an asset to this project.

    I have positions available for five builders and three researchers/writers.

    Builders will write and code the rooms and items required, like virtual architects.
    Researchers/Writers will take a glimpse into ancient Egyptian culture and mythology and help adapt this to a game environment.

    The application period will last as long as needed to fill the positions.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    - StoryGuru Hobbes -
    Project Developer - Glory of the Nile

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    Lead Coder Reporting In

    Hello everyone!

    This is StoryGuru Foucault reporting in, Lead Coder for "Glory of the Nile". I'll be handling the applications of those of you who are just itchin' to convert the wondrous and enchanting land of mythological Egypt into a bunch of 1's and 0's.

    As noted above, we are in the midsts of the organisational process, and we could definitely use a few good coders. For those of you unfamiliar with the job, coders work in the nitty-gritty of the game, programming various mechanics ranging from a toy that squeaks when you squeeze it, to the powers of the gods.

    If you are interested in not only helping create an exciting game from the ground up, but also gaining insight into how your favourite games really work, send me a PM, or e-mail me at Make sure you include the following:
    • Your full name.
    • Any programming experience/education you have (please specify in which languages).
    • Any experience in coding/designing online games.
    • How much time you can devote to the game.
    • How long you have been a member of the Skotos community.
    • What games you play, and the characters in them.
    • Why you want to help in this project.

    Please do not hesistate to add anything else that you think pertinent to the application, whether it be experience, personality, or otherwise.

    There is currently room for three coders, although this number may change as the design process continues.

    Thanks for your interest, I'll be eagerly awaiting your applications.



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      Hmmm .... I think this will be a fun to RP game. It still needs a story though ... but I think Skotos should consider this game. Who knows ... maybe this will be one of the greatest games in Skotos .....
      Mumhra the Everliving
      "Respect is not given. It is earned."


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        Uh Cassius, Skotos already has this game considered, it's added to their "Skotos Seven" which were originally going to be the seven games that Skotos offered. Now, I think it's upto eleven, but they still haven't changed the name.

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          The Skotos Seven was actually intended to be our externally developed games in progress at any time. Due to reality getting in the way, the number's always been as ephemeral as Blake's 7, however.

          Right now we have 4 games in process which meet the definition of being externally developed using the core Skotos engine: Devils Cay, Lazarus Sleeping, Orphan Crown, and the Glory of the Nile. So, that's our Skotos 7.

          Long-term, I wouldn't mind having a gazillion games at Skotos, as long as we can categorize them well, lead players to the games that will interest them the most, and also maintain each game with a large enough audience.



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            Hi again,

            The staffing period for Researchers and Builders is now closed. However, applications for Coders (programmers) will still be accepted.

            I thank everyone who applied and showed interest in helping out. We are keeping your applications in case of future staffing needs.
            - StoryGuru Hobbes -
            Project Developer - Glory of the Nile