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    I've been working on creating a game for a very long time (five years). I've been toying around with some ideas, over other ideas, and I have finally came up with the basic foundation for the game I would like to make. All right so it's been slow going just to get the basics down. Anyways if all works out I would like for it to someday be one of the skotos games.

    What I'm looking for is people that would be willing on helping me get it past the basics. But let me explain the basics to you first...

    TGA stands for The Great Adventure, the name I had been going to give it when I first started thinking about it. I've desided that would not be a good name for it, but it will work as a code name until the game is done.

    This game would be a dynamic game in that it would be constantly growing and changing, based on the players actions.

    Imagine if you will a forest, in this forest no human has ever steped foot. One day a magical portal opens up and humans begin to build a small town within the forest. As a player you would be be one of the people to arive thew the portal, some time after the village has been finished. The portal opens up once a week to allow new people to come to this village (though people could join the game at any time, it would just be said that they suffered from teleportation sickness). People could do any number of things be it from sitting and relaxing, to joining a guild within the town. (So far you must be thinking it sounds alot like CM, and it's sort of suposted to, but now we get into the difrances). People can freely leave the town at any time, and explore the forest serounding the town. But still that's not that interesting, but here is where it gets interesting...

    One of the guilds in the town, carve stones. With these stones they are able to open up portals to other worlds, and what world this is, is based directly on what is carved on the stone.

    Now just as an example, someone might carve on a stone


    Then when they activate the stone, they might find them self on a world with a forest with tall mountains, shalow canyons, and a few rivers winding threw it.

    You might think that carving stones would be something everyone would want to do though, as that allows you to create worlds. But not everyone is going to be good at it, and they would be a limited suply of stones, and the carvers are most likely not going to be the ones obtaining the stones.

    As a matter of fact carving stones would be very hard, as forgeting to put in one smybol could create a disaster for anyone that went to the world....


    Might create a world that would seem very simular to the last one... but it might have no rivers and the canyons would very deep. Or perhaps you might misswrite it this way...


    Now mind you that may seem totaly difrent than the first one, but all the key strokes are the same, it's just shift was held down for some of them. If someone made that kind of mistake they might just get a stone that doesn't work... or it might open up a portal to a world that is covered in lava and they might just get killed the moment they enter the portal.

    Anyways, the worlds that would be created using these stones, would actualy be deturmed by what the player puts on the stone, and the program it's self deturmains what world it is, the more details on the stone, the more detailed the world. And that is how the game would be growing.

    So any thoughts comments? I know there's alot I haven't mentioned, but that's because I don't want to give away all my ideas. But if anyone would like to help with such a gain, let me know.

    People being looked for:
    (*=something I'm ok at but would still need people more knowlegable than my self)

    and finaly...

    A group of trusted people that can help me create this world creationg thing. I want it's actual workings to be held kept very secret, I also want it so complex that just knowing the all rules will not mean you will be able to create good worlds.

    As a matter of fact the world that the game starts on will have it's own stone, and will abide by the rules. While the players will never be alloud to see this stone, they would be able to learn much about the art of stone carving just by studing the world, and compairing it to other simular worlds that they are able to see the stones of.
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    Hey, I'll help you! I don't care what I am. My resume includes Dungeon Master for 10 years. I've created a ton of maps. We can talk over PM. The names King_Aiden. Talk to me soon
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