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  • Glory of the Nile: Call for s

    Hi all,

    The staff of GN met last night and thought up a several-point plan to push us forward. We are constructing the city district by district, and will thoroughly bug-proof the city by that means. While it might take us longer, I think we will be more flexible for an alpha date if we approach it that way. In my opinion, it is better to have a small, colourful painting than a massive, but sparse sketch.

    That said, we have unfortunately lost several staff members due to various life concerns, and thus are officially on a recruiting spree. We are primarily looking for Storys, ie those who write the descriptions for rooms and props, and input them into the game. While previous coding experience is an asset, it is not mandatory, and s without experience will receive training.

    If you are interested in getting involved with this exciting project, PM me and I will tell you what is required in more detail. I can mention right now that all potential s must present one description of a room and one description of an item following guidelines that will be sent to you when I reply. Therefore:

    1) If you're interested, PM me,
    2) I'll PM you back, will send you a list of guidelines on how to design a room and a prop.
    3) You write up the room and send it to an email address I will provide you.
    4) I show it to the GN staff; if we like it, you're in.

    So there you go! Everyone interested, please PM whenever you'd like.

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    - StoryGuru Hobbes -
    Project Developer - Glory of the Nile

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    While production has been continuing at a great pace, we still need a few more s! Keep the applications coming as per the instructions above.

    The more creative minds we have building, the faster this can get built.
    - StoryGuru Hobbes -
    Project Developer - Glory of the Nile


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      I thought I'd interject because Hobbes failed to mention how much fun it is. We have a very nice team going thus far, a lot of chipper, easy to get along with people. If you're looking for a good experience with building do drop an application. And like Hobbes said, if you're not sure about your capabilities, no worries. We can teach you!
      - Anaxi -
      Project Lead - Glory of the Nile


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        *le bump*

        We would loooooove to have more people help. I can show anyone the ropes and get you started building Egypt!

        PM, E-mail, IM or page me, and let me know!

        ...~...~...~*** Sylver ***~...~...~...

        "I forced myself to die a little inside just so I could cope with the horror show that is my life." - Sin's Puppet Master



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