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  • Willing coder

    I'm an aspiring coder who's looking to gain
    some additional knowledge about economical
    database design (mysql).

    I know php, c, perl, bash and can generally
    figure out what I need to do with anything
    new fairly quickly and enough sample code to
    look at.

    I have basically hit a wall with my own game;
    and have realized I can't do substantially much
    more until my database is better built.

    I'd be willing to code for anyone in exchange for
    some mysql mentoring.
    When you're on thin ice, you might as well dance.

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    What kind of wall are you running into?

    in the storm.


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      the wall

      Specifically in regards to combat.

      Combat is affected by terrain type, the
      weather, morale, experience, weapon type,
      armor, unit type, leadership,
      combat and archery skill, and tactics.

      In the game, the field is broken into 3
      sectors (right flank, center, left flank) for
      each side.

      Allies located in the same map tile as the
      target will lend 25% of thier warriors to
      assist, tribes in the same clan will lend
      50% of thier warriors to assist.

      The part where I'm running into the wall
      is keeping track of who gets hit with how
      many casualties.

      There are six phases of combat; (missile,
      calvary charge, melee)x2. Preferred targets
      for archers are any unit. Preferred targets for
      calvary are infantry, then enemy calvary,
      then enemy archers.

      As you can see, it's fairly complex, and
      I'm finding that my database doesn't
      hold the information I need in a way that
      doesn't require more code and resources
      than it should to process it all. I've yet
      to get things to work from start to
      finish, but I've got a feeling that my
      db design has got to be overhauled in
      order to do this all sanely.
      When you're on thin ice, you might as well dance.