With the success of the Lovecraft Country stage "In the Tomb of the Desert God", I'd like to see if others have an interested in creating more short term "stages". A Stage is an online version of a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game, typically short-term in play, with a smaller number of people.

If you are interested in stages for Lovecraft Country, I recommend that you talk to LC Lead Builder Todd Nilson as I'm sure he can use your help.

But if you are interested in creating non-Lovecraft Stages, please contact me.

Some previous Skotos discussions about Stages or LARPs:
Some writing resources:
Some free example LARPS:
Some more practical LARP resources:
There is also an draft article that we wrote a long time ago in the Builder's TWiki: SoYouWantToBuildAStage

-- Christopher Allen