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Recruiting: A stage with a stage (coach, that is)

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  • Recruiting: A stage with a stage (coach, that is)

    I am recruiting coders and builders for a new, Western-themed stage here at Skotos, High Noon in Dry Creek. Please read the full proposal, below, and then contact me via email or PM if you are interested in participating in this project. Please include any relevant background experience and interests. Coders should have some familiarity with LPC or MUD building, and knowledge of C. Builder-candidates should include a sample of descriptive writing appropriate to the setting.

    The residents of a western frontier town must defend themselves against a hostile band of outlaws, due to ride in at High Noon.

    Set in a fictional Western frontier town of the 1870s, the game provides players the opportunity to assume the roles of various residents of the town of Dry Creek. When word arrives that a band of marauders is en route, they have three hours to decide what to do: who will fight, who will hide, and who will join the outlaws?

    Read the full game proposal here: here