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    Hello all I have been writing a story that has captured my time for many many months since i have seen this site. The story is based in a fantasy world and is very indepth, but easily told through either a theatrical performance or light visual descriptions in a text based game. The story involves almost a constant war between all races on this world, and is a strong mix of Tolkienesque style and Greek Mythology. I was wondering if Skotos' idea of releasing a publicly downloadable version of Story Utility has occured. I am/was sorely disappointed when I finally finished my story and saw the Skotos Seven were chosen, and I would very much enjoy maybe creating my world, whether or not it is chosen as a playable game. If Story Utilities have not been released, does anyone know of a MUD writing utility I could use. Thank you so much all for your time,


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    I am not sure the status on the Story Utilities, but I did do some work on designing a Diku-Mudwith a few friends. If you have a C+ compiler and only wish to work on designing the physical world, this is really easy to do. It mainly requires an active imagination and a text editor. If you are looking to do something more, like designing a new magic system, or anything that requires real coding, then you should be fairly fluent in C+ and have lots of time to work through the code.

    It's been some years since I worked on that project, so I'm not sure where the information would be located these days ... though Yahoo should be able to find it easier then pre-Yahoo when I started working on my project.



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      The Skotos Several (not really Seven anymore) have been chosen, but they occasionally ask for helpers (like me!) and will most likely ask for more in the future as the game development gets into full swing and more work is needed. If you want to get involved and don't mind working with another person's world and ideas that's a good place to start, keep your eyes open. Sam and Jeff already put out calls for helpers in the past and there will assuredly be more in the future.

      There is no publicly downloadable version of the SB software, right now it's all located on a central place that you need access to get to. And it's actually a few seperate systems that work with each other, not just one. I'm not sure how Skotos will allow people to work independent of their servers in the future.
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        Does one really have to be at least 18 years old to be a story? I'm almost 17, but my age does not reflect upon my ability to make quality games. I've been making game for several years, including MUDs. I just learned about the Story about an hour ago and it aroused my interest. I'd like to be a Story, but the disclaimer on the proposal form requires a person to be at least 18 years old. Is there any way around this?
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          It is for legal issues. I do not believe there is really a way around it, unless you hand the rights to your game to someone over 18, which I would be very skeptical about. Who knows how that person would abuse those rights.


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            Anyone interested in becoming one of the new Skotos Seven should check out Shannon's article this week


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              Originally posted by Stix
              It is for legal issues. I do not believe there is really a way around it, unless you hand the rights to your game to someone over 18, which I would be very skeptical about. Who knows how that person would abuse those rights.
              There is actually a fairly interesting discussion about this on SlashDot. The sum of it is that even though a minor's parents can 'sign' for their child, when the minor turns 18 he/she can choose to 'void' to contract retroactively.

              Thus we can't accept game proposals from those under 18.

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                That's true also. I almost forgot about that. Oh, the silly things in life.



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