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  • #31 you want a new RPG? Hmmm...

    How about an RPG set during a real 'first contact'? You know...the day aliens show up over Washington to say hi?

    It could be in the near future to allow technology not otherwise around today...

    You could play both sides...or three if there is some 'evil' aliens chasing good aliens kinda thing going on...

    You would have the whole world to wander about the addition of a moon base...mars base...asteroid stations...maybe other worlds if you hitch a ride...who knows the possibilities are boundless!

    You could start out as any number of careers...teacher gone nuts and learns to wield a bazooka, etc, etc...

    Well...just an idea...

    Here's another...

    HEINLEIN WORLD...if you've read the books you know what i'm talking about! His main 'universe' has it's own history all built in...and if you take just the last books where they get into time travel...boy! It'd be fun!
    That's the way I see it anyways...

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      One of the first text rpg games I ever played was game called "Nails" which called itself the "Best Damn Game on the Internet." It was basically a Dinky-MOO clone, probably really close off of the original, and it was based mostly in a surreal real world.

      Anyway, a couple other under-used RPG-ish kind of games that would be cool to be made in a text RPG:
      1. Traveller. Wandering, wandering, fight villian, wandering. And the best part is while it's Tokeianish RPG, it doesn't have to be.
      2. 7th Sea. Renaissance/Reformation alternative European history meets pirates, guns, and sword-fighting.
      3. Anime-based. Yeah, it had a heyday in the early 90's, but there's not as many as it used to be. Besides, there's just something about whacking someone with a really big mallet.
      4. A Caravan This one would really hard to pull off, but I think it would be cool to have a RPG set up where you are a merchants along a caravan heading to some uber-mecha religious shrine, and about every other day or so, you go through a city trying to sell your wears or buy a few trinkets in the end.
      5. Swiss Family Robinson I would love to play as someone stranded on a lush desert island, but I don't wanna have to go through the Survivor-ish crap. Plus the man versus nature bit has always been a bit underrated in game-play.


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        new RPG (MUD hopfully )

        ok it would be based in ancient asia... i don't know when exactly prolly during the dynasty wars they didn't have magic or anything so it works from there but here are some the classes:

        1)Monk -unarmed fighter
        2)samari -basic fighter(w/cooler weapons)
        3)healer -like in TEC (NOT like w/spells)
        4)ninja -stealth assassin/spy
        5)tailor -again ripped from TEC

        prolly more i can't thing of
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          Hmmm... Aside from the fact that Asia is a bit larger than the Island of Honshu you're mainly referring to...

          I think Skotos has a game called Quingung in the works, that is aiming at that Asian/L5R flair.

          Have a nice day.
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            There are things like Dark Matter, (Set in the real world with magic, but defiantely /not/tolkien rip-off, based on real world conspiriacy theorists), Vampire the Masquerade, Vampire the Dark Ages, hmmm, a few others. There are many by WOD that are quiet originial, indeed. I think some creative ideas might center around new worlds, unless you are looking for total revolutionary game play system ideas. I believe that more oriental type RPGs might be interesting, perhaps a few good ideas others could contribute. Cyberpunk is another, but still is D&D like. I think magic is the central part to any story, whatsoever. Though there are many without it, some type of mystical energy has been central to most world mythologies. That is why it finds perhaps itself in our new world mythologies. Being that this is a form of storytelling. Perhaps a "Senate"type RPG would be interesting, or Alternative Timelines.
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              "I think magic is the central part to any story, whatsoever."

              Castle Marrach is a mixture of magic, contemporary ideas (medieval... though, there are some renaissance aspects), mystery and intrigue, and fantasy (faeries, dwarves, etc.). While contemporary ideas are strongly represented more publically, I think those involved in the magic system would say it is fairly prominent. As time goes on, more fantastical aspects begin to unfold, as well (with the Fae visitors). So I would not say magic is the central part of all stories.

              "Perhaps a 'Senate' type RPG would be interesting..."

              I believe TEC has a form of a senate. Not sure how accurate, though. I didn't play the game long enough to check it out. I have heard TECers mention it, though.


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                Magic has a big role to play in all stories, but I am going more to the depth of the mythologies of the world. It colors a story unlike many other spices, and allows it to become more interesting. Perhaps not a central role to all stories, I do know that iit is a big role to me in all stories. I do not know why, it simply draws me in.
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                  A fellow I know...

                  A fellow I know has developed a rather interesting, SF+F RPG. I'd recommend you visit his site, as I'm not too good at describing it.
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                    Many things to consider in terms of magic and games. I won't go into too much detail as there is a wonderful article about magic here.

                    I will touch on when considering a new game, what are you calling magic?

                    Was the fairy godmother in Cinderella the true magic of the story, or was the love between a Prince and a girl who cleaned out the fireplace in a cottage the true magic.

                    Magic is the central part of any story, but perhaps not sorcery/wizardry/etc. A good poem or a good story is magic in itself.

                    If you go by magical arts such as sorcery having to be in any story, then romance novels, mysteries, sci fi, and any number of other style of writting couldn't exist.

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                      The two ideas I have had (realizing that ideas are %1 and the hard work of designing and coding is 99% . . .)

                      Colonization -- with battle mechanics and skill similar to TEC, present characters with the opportunity to retake a historically human land from the monsters whihc drove humanity out centuries ago. Characters begin in a or one of several coastal outposts, with the opportunity to fight further inland. The appeal of this game would be the player's ability to establish frontier towns further inland and control the economics there. Frontier towns might also be overwhelmed by the hordes of monsters. Make the player economy necessary for the conquering of the inland in the production of weapons, armor, healing, limited and difficult magic, etc. The appeal would be a balance between the glory you and your little group of friends might gain through your efforts and the overall ability of humanity to reclaim this continent. The more you work individually, the more glory you claim. The more all players cooperate, the better humans do. Keep life tenous, and it could be challenging and fun.

                      Stocks--a game of two rhythms. Half the time is a stock market, with wealth being gained and lost in rapid pace. Develop an engine that allows players to manipulate the market *sometimes* but not always. Again, cooperation can help or kill you. The other half of the time is social, in the bars and offices and restaurants where deals are made or broken, items of prestige are bought and sold, people are hired and fired, loans are offered, debts collected, and knees broken, etc. Ring a bell globally to announce the beginning and ending of each trading period, say an hour on and an hour off.

                      I think the second might adapt to a text based game better than the first. The first would require some dynamic world coding and really intelligent mobs. The second would just need a capricious stock market engine or three.

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                        Forest RPG?

                        Totaly unrelated to J.R's books....its somthing that some friends and i do once in a while in chat's...we usualy play in a dense forest or a tavern/inn/shop/pub in the forest


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                          I am off the point but I think they are not putting enough good RPGs out there. The ones they do seem to have been slapped together hap-hazardly. <shrug>
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                            Making a role-playing game of my own has been a dream of mine for some time. I always try, but usually I either give up because of lack of time or ideas. Most recently I had finished a Dnd campaign and am getting ready to start a Werewolf one. I am a sucker for classic Dnd. I like the dark dungeons and mysterious waterfalls. An idea that crossed my mind for a game creation was a 'end of the world' scenario. Wether it be after a mass destruction world war or an attack from outside intelligence. Most of the worlds society is left to 'fend' for themselvs. Families find themselves searching in underground sewers and enormous piles of rubble for anything of value. Though many people are living like slaves there are the few who have an advantage. Gangs have uprisen and wars between the two of them rage constantly. Some are experts of thechnology and others savage hand-to-hand combatants. There are a select few who have enough money to keep a 'real' life going. In ruined cities, some buildings (ex. Skyscraper) are still intact and are inhabited by rich political or social figure. Wether it be a retired movie star or a the speaker of the house.

                            I just thought I would spill my ramblings onto the post to see what everyone thought.......

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