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Too many games in development?

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  • Too many games in development?

    Seems to me that the community is spread too thinly to put anymore games in development. Face it, people wont pay to volunteer on making a game; and getting developers accounts is a rarity.

    Just a thought, but the current games should be focused on before anymore intriguing but ultimately random and unlikely to be finished ideas come forth.


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    Then finish them or ditch them, its been how many years? There are a couple games that seem like they can be dropped because no one is working on them. Also, people are interested in making specific games, if someone doesn't like Medieval times and they like more modern times then they will be interested in coding for the modern games and not the medieval times one.

    EDIT: I count 5 (Haven't seen staff on for about 3 of them in forever) games in development 2 in Alpha.

    And 1 small stage.

    And as long as the games don't take coders from the other games in development then I don't see the problem. More games will draw more customers, which will draw more coders, which will create more games.
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      I wasn't thrashing your concept, don't take it personally. Hope you're right about the coders. They seem to be the only thing holding back a couple of games.


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        I know hun, at first I took it personally, but I do see what you mean. But really its because so many games are sitting there with no active staff and probably will never again get an active staff and should be either 1. removed forever, or 2. put on the shelf till someone comes and requires another staff to finish it.

        I saw I really good game crash and burn because of that.
        For the Glory and Honor of our Queen


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          From what I heard, there was coding on Marrach that was held back a few years. I must agree that any more new games will not improve the current games. Customers could be lost because older games remain unworked.