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  • The Welcome Room

    I'd like to set up the welcome room again, and make it available to anybody who'd want to use it.

    However, I'm in need of some assistance as to how to go about this. As far as I'm aware, it was all but destroyed, and I'm not sure who to contact about getting building privs in there, or even if it's possible anymore.

    If you know who to talk to, or if you're the person to talk to, I'd like to get some experience with BILBO, SAM, MERRY, LPC, and the Tree of Woe, in case I ever apply to be a coder/builder for a skotos game.

    Seriously, with an instruction manual and the Welcome Room, I can do anything, including bring it back up to snuff.

    ~Ser Joshu

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    I believe the reason it was taken down was because it was not moderated, so anyone could do anything if a SC wasn't on and that is what they did. People abused the system and as such it was taken down so that it cannot happen.

    If you were to find a team of people who would constantly moderate the welcome room I am sure you could get it back up again.
    For the Glory and Honor of our Queen


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      I always wondered why the Welcome Room was removed. I assumed it simply had to do with the fact that neither Skotos employees, nor staff on other games, had time to welcome new folks there, so it became sort of a wasteland. Player abuse would be another reason, but I never used the welcome room enough to notice such.

      Contact Skotos if you'd like to start it up again. What could be really interesting, if Skotos was interested, would be to go a bit further... not only re-open the Welcome Room but bring back their old concept of chat theatres. They could have a page full of chat theatre links (which could include the welcome room too). And there are several existing stage settings that could be used, so all that would be required would be someone interested in moderating each theatre (and sprucing them up a bit).

      It could be very useful for folks wanting to gain experience with Skotos' system, but don't wish to join an existing staff right now. They'd also have the benefit of running plots and such, if they'd like.

      And there are also lots of older S7 games that never quite made it (Devil's Cay, etc.) which could be brought back in this form with minimal effort. Even many current S7 games could use this format as a starting off point.



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        Thanks, for the info guys.

        I'll contact ce, and see what is needed of me. I'd be willing to go in and moderate if that was asked of me.

        As far as I was aware though, the biggest problems with the Welcome Room stemmed from it becoming a wasteland, and nobody having hte time to go in and spruce it up, and make it a little more inviting to the skotos populace. Not to mention issues with verbs, and skills, and the marrach skillset being worked on at the time. (which was the base for the welcome room skillset)

        So, I'll see what I can do to convince skotos, and I'll keep the community updated.

        ~Ser Joshu


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          The welcome room had numerous problems, among them:
          • No staff
          • No players
          • No events
          • Yet another server to keep up to date.

          As a result, new potential players would wander into the welcome room, find no one there, think that Skotos was dead, and leave.

          Unfortunately, just having a staff member isn't enough to make the welcome room a vibrant community.

          We're considering reoffering it as a builder's community at some time, where players could muck with creating rooms, but right now our engineering resources are goign toward present & upcoming games.

          Nonetheless, the offer is appreciated.