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  • Fight Club for Skotos

    As the name suggests I have been thinking on the idea of another game. A game that is more fast paced than most of the Skotos games. Obviously we cannot call the game Fight Club due to legal issues but the idea is mostly the same.

    Fight clubs are established in secluded areas in different cities (small, not too complicated), perhaps more than one in each city depending on if they Players make their own in the future. The basis of the game is to become the best of the best.

    There will be many different types of fighting styles (grappler, kick boxer, kungfu artist, boxer, etc.) and with each style there will be tons of different moves (attacks and defence) and with those moves there will be combos. Combos happen when you do two or more certain moves in a specific order and then you must initiate the combo finisher which will be a more powerful attack or defence.

    It won't be easy to learn moves, you will know the basics, punch, kick, grab. From there you must learn your own moves and combos which you will have to practice in a Gym. When you come across a new combo the system will inform you and store it in your 'memory' where you can look them up at any time.

    You might be saying that there won't be very much RP in a fighting game, but that is far from the truth. People will be gathered in the underground locations cheering on their friends and jeering on their foes. Betting on who will be the victor and who will get the crap kicked out of them. There will also be a world outside of the arenas. A world where people will live their normal lives as men and women of a community. How? Well first off, when you enter an underground arena you will have an alias not a name. No one will know who you are unless you tell them. This way you will be able to live a normal life as a boxer, tailor, baker, butcher, or whatever you decide you want to be. These will all be modern jobs, meaning you won't be sewing every item by hand, but rather by sewing machine, just using a tailor as an example. You can become a trainer and charge people for your services.

    How will food effect the game? There will be a hunger system and a weight system. If you eat too much in one day without doing any kind of exercise at a gym you will get fat, some times people want to get fat it will help dampen blows. If you eat the right kind of foods and work out you can become muscular and buff, slim and cut, skinny and weak, there will be many different body types that will affect combat and will enhance certain types of combat styles. Like muscular legs will make kick boxers better, a rather large and heavy man will be a better grappler, a strong upper body will make a better boxer, etc etc.

    There will be dancing clubs where you can buy alcohol which will effect you depending on your weight and your tolerance.

    Will you only be allowed to play a man? No, women will be allowed and they will be allowed to fight if they want, the clubs are not biased, at least the NPC run ones. If players want to make their fighting clubs private then that is their choice. There will be laws to keep the peace, and they will be quite strict in a game that promotes violence in specific locations because we do not want that violence to spread outside of the fighting clubs.

    Right now I have lots of time to work on a game like this for Skotos so I can dedicate myself to it. This is just a post to see how many people would be interested in playing and coding for a game like this.

    If you would like to see this game as an option to play please post your support here.

    If you would like to work on this game then send me an email at:

    Please use the subject: Skotos - Fight Club Game

    So I can have my email seperate them from the rest of my hundreds of emails a day.
    For the Glory and Honor of our Queen