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    So is this happening? Or not? If so, I'm interested.

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      I am interested

      I would like to help I have experience with java and writing story plots I also rp so let me know if you want more info just contact me here or at


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        I'm happy to help build occasionally and can do light coding (I might be stretching it depending on how you interpret 'light').

        If you want me, Sonea knows where to find me


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          Well we've already spoken

          I can be your artist, your map-maker, a VP, WHATEVER. I've been playin for YEARS, i'm really good a learning quick, and i would LOVE to be in your staff. Please contact me when I'm able to begin.
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            heyy there.
            I am ashley s. i used to help on regent, and i need a project please get to me when you can, i want to help again badly!


            Ashley Schweinfurth


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              Could someone who is in charge (If thats anyone) get a hold of me about this project pretty please?


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                I too, am greatly excited about this opportunity. I'm smart, creative and I catch on quick - plus I'm willing to dedicate my time to helping create a Skotos game.

                If you still need me, let me know - send me a pm, or reach me at:



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                  Despite this game having fallen by the wayside as far as production goes, is there still an opportunity for it to be picked up again? I'm the original creator and I recall it being pretty decently on the track toward completion. Hate to see everyone's hard work go to waste.
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                    Still in it

                    I would still be interested in finishing this game.


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                      Good evening,

                      I don't know who is running the show over here as I have seen a handful of different people say so.

                      Nevertheless, I'm looking to join the team as a Builder and potentially a VP in due time.

                      Shoot me a pm if you're still looking.


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                        I also would love to help. I don't know much coding so unless you're willing to teach me I can help there, but I could VP and help with story plotting
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                          *boops* Bumped for funsies!


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                            Is this project ongoing? If so I would love to get involved!

                            A PM is the best way to arrange contact.


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                              Still looking for help? Shoot me a pm.


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                                Regent's Fate is pretty ancient, I'm fairly sure it was shelved the greater part of a decade ago to be honest and I've not seen Jen around much in the time since.

                                Still, if anyone ever picks it up, I'm willing to offer coding expertise/assistance or advice from a distance, but I'm afraid I don't have the spare time to really commit to any game other than the one I'm working on now.
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