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  • Much Assistance Needed!

    We at Regent's Fate are in need of YOU!

    Yes, you! Your help is desired, nay, craved!

    We need staffers. We need s. We need VPs. We need people to design objects! We need plot hooks, we need creativity, we need energy and vamp!

    Want to staff on an upcoming game? You'll start off as a , learning the setting, helping build something that hundreds of people will RP in! When the game goes live, you'll be grandfathered in as a staff role! Meaning what? Well, a snazzy staff name, an NPC for you to play, storypoints, and the knowledge that you helped build something great!

    Want to help on a small scale? Just be a ! Build rooms, codes, weather systems, objects! Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that something someone is RPing with was built by YOU!

    Or are you just into the playing aspect? Sign up to be a VP! You'll get a special character to play, that matches your RP personality perfectly. You will be needed to help steer plots, entertain people, and and flavour to the setting!

    Please, please, please! We need your help!

    Jennifer Schaeffer
    SH Liebling
    Regent's Fate

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    SUPER interested. Been trying to help these games and the staff gets full! I've always wanted to learn in detail how to create and be a VP!!! I just want to help out and have fun. Get me the info and I'll look into it. Send me thousands of pms! I want to help, learn, and have fun!

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      Hrmm... I might be interested, I've never seen one of these things built from the ground up, but I do have the immense pleasure of Plotting over at Lovecraft Country.

      Of course, LC is my primary responsibility and other big words and stuff that mean I'd be willing to help, but don't think I could fully devote my time and resources since I'm Lovecraft Country staff.

      In fact, I'd love to help, but I'd only be able to do so as it fit into my schedule...

      Anyway, at least keep me posted? (PMs and whatnot?)

      StoryPlotter Whie -- Lovecraft Country
      whie AT lovecraftcountry DOT com


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        Would gladly help out if you still need people. contact me at eskimo_bob12345 AT hotmail DOT com *waves*


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          You know, that sounds really cool....I'll gladly help any way I can. contact me @ if you need me!



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            You need creativity? Flair? Stoy arcs? A plot ? Someone to add life to the gameworld(s)? Someone to write descriptions? Someone to proofread and edit?

            Oh yeah, thats me


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              This sounds cool! If ya need my help then I'll be glad to do anything I can, just give me a buzz at

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                Are we to assume our help is no longer needed, then? Since I have never heard word from any of you guys about this.


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                  If anyone else is heading this up in Jen's absence, could you drop me a PM? Thanks.

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                    Hello there!

                    A very long time ago you very kindly offered to help us at the Regent's Fate team build our mini-Empire. Unfortunately, due to our StoryHost's unforseen absence, not much has happened, but I have now been given clearence to continue building under her instruction.

                    I am absolutely desperate for helpers as so many have dispersed, and all will be welcome regardless of ability or practice. Just so you are aware before we start, about 75% of all indoor building has been completed, with a variety of props done and alot of big plans. There is still plenty to be done, though! Outside maps are being drawn up, and there are opportunities to write weather descriptions, design VPs, learn to code active items, create animals, skills and weather systems, and a whole lot more. We also let you play with your own SB character to encourage as much crazy coding as possible.

                    If my powers of persuasion have failed and you are no longer interested could you please drop me a line on this PM account so I can stop hassling you; thank you for your time, i'm sorry we couldn't grab you whilst we had the chance!

                    Those who are still interested, welcome aboard! Could you also PM me and let me know. It would also be very useful if you could answer these few questions for me so I can get you on the team asap:

                    1) Have you got access to the S7 server and it's Twiki?
                    2) Do you have any previous building experience?
                    3) What hours (probs in Eastern, GMT would be marvellous <_<) are you available?
                    4) What's your email address?

                    When you have confirmed that you are interested I'll send you all a helpful pack with details about Regent, what we are doing and how we're trying to achieve it. It will also include a few tutorials and examples of building descriptions.

                    I'll try and offer everyone a choice of what they can build, but don't worry: those who are new to the trade or a bit rusty will have some of the smaller, less nasty tasks first!

                    Anybody else who is interested again, please do not hesitate to contact me; I'd be delighted to hear from you.

                    Thank you very much. You may contact me here, or on
                    I am a Golden God!


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                      Any new updates?
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                        Come one, come all!

                        Yes we have big, exciting updates!

                        We are back up and building, heading for stage completion a.s.a.p.

                        This, of course, does not mean that we want to be without YOU! fellow gamers. Building, plotting, systems or character development, we welcome s of any field and experience.

                        Any interest is still very welcome, and we now have the means to get you up and started in super-quick time.

                        Hopefully see you on the other side!
                        Debbie (Stand-in StoryHost)
                        I am a Golden God!


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                          Having left the handle of StoryHost in the most capable hands of miss Debbie, I am pleased to see so much interest is still around!

                          The game is very much a communal effort and would not have gotten as far as it has without all the wonderful people working on it, and I am very glad to see the group continues to grow after my rather abrupt absence those months ago.

                          I'm still lurking in the background world of le internet, and will occassionally pop in to say hola as my schedule permits, but Debbie is fully in the driver's seat now, and I am very happy to see the game still has a chance to flourish and become what we thought it would be in the beginning.

                          Hugs to you all and congratulations on all the great work!

                          Here's to the future of Regents!

                          ...~...~...~*** Sylver ***~...~...~...

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                            I'd be really interested in helping out if needed. I can design for the game, I could be what you need. I'd really like to be a staffer though! My e-mail is
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                              OOoh, I can help out too! Anyway except for coding.
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