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I am thinking about starting a game would anyone be willing to help me?

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  • I am thinking about starting a game would anyone be willing to help me?

    same message as above just looking for a little help

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    There are a number of different game ideas out there already.

    You may find an easier time finding help if you flesh out your idea and give us the basic rundown, so that people can see if it sounds like the sort of game that they're interested in.

    What I'd advise doing (although the higher-ups at skotos may have better ideas for how to do this) is to write down your general idea for a game. Try to find a team of people that can work on it. This team should include AT LEAST one person good at writing descriptions to make the rooms and objects. That will be the bulk amount of "boring work" at the start. You should also have someone that's competant at writing code, they don't have to be a brilliant coder or anything, but you'll want at least some game specific reactions for certain objects and events. If you can find someone who can make map pictures as well, that would be good.

    Then I'd advise getting that group together, and having them look over your game idea, put in their own ideas. Look at the possibilities and where it could change or adapt. Don't be rigid with your original game idea.

    After that, make a proposal. That would include a brief description of the game, a longer, mor detailed description of the game, an explanation of the "day to day" activities that players will do while playing the game, as well as an explanation of the larger more world-spanning actions that players will be involved in. Include an expected timeline and plan of what you *predict* you have to do, and how long everything will take. Even if this isn't accurate, it means the people who have made full games before can look over your timeline and say "Oh, you'll have to do this" or "That shouldn't take so long" and it means that your team has realistic expectations for how long it'll take to get the game released. One of the largest problems you'll have will be team members that loose interest since it's all work, and no players yet.

    So... yeah... my first suggestion would be to post a description of what your game is going to be about, so players can see if they're interested in helping out with it.

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