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  • Working on a game, need info

    I've been working on a game with a small team for a few weeks. I've been going over the storybuilder page on the site, and I'm really wondering how much of that is up to date. Is skotos still looking for games? Is that Marrach player spot still open?
    We already have a few rooms, a slew of game mechanics to implement, two programmers, and a dedicated writer. I guess I'm a little nervous about sending in the application (which we'll have ready in a week or two, I hope). Is there anything I need to know at this point?
    Hint- it's a steampunk grand theatre with a few more gameplay mechanics than Marrach.

    p.s.- If anyone's interested in joining in on a project, keep your eyes peeled on this board the following weeks. I'll be posting the entire idea as soon as we send the application in, and I hope to gather a few more team members before we start production. So far, there's 4 of us (myself included). We have two programmers, a mechanic designer, a writer, and a builder/character designer (yeah there's overlap). More of any of those never hurts, though.

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      I don't know about dead, but this particular board isn't viewed that often, I gather. I think that once a person has a game to work on, he or she will tend to have tunnel vision to some degree. So looks like you're stuck with just me.

      Yeah, some of the pages found behind site are a bit behind the times. In particular, the new fax number to send proposals to is 510-849-1717, and the Marrach status has certainly changed since that was written, but as a general overview and guideline, it's still good.

      I can't speak for Skotos, but I understand that they're still open to new games. I do know that if I personally was going to submit a game, I'd want to get as many details hammered out as possible first -- it'll look a lot better if it looks like a lot of the initial steps are already done. I see that you've got two coders; that's definitely a plus, especially if they're dedicated. If you've already got some initial steps done (like a good design document written by on those mechanics), having that will help a lot once you actually get started even if you don't present all those details in your application. Also, there'll likely be a lot of distractions once you get started, so having some steam already built up, will help you once you get started.

      At this point I'm afraid I'm starting to tell you how to do your own job, so I'll quit. If you have any more questions, I'll keep checking back here. Good luck on your game.


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        Hey, thanks for the info!

        The team's grown to 6 since my first post, and I haven't even reached out to possible builders from the community. There's a small section of the application that's being rewritten now, and once that's done, I'll fax it over and make a new thread detailing what we have so far.

        Also, there'll likely be a lot of distractions once you get started, so having some steam already built up, will help you once you get started.
        This is funny, because we're doing steampunk >_>


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          ooh ooh steampunk, if you need help testing it or something, I'm more than glad to help. Could propably throw in some ideas aswell if I figure out something


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            You want to check out this thread, Weleho.



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              I would also like to start, or at least help with a game, but i have absolutely NO idea how, or where to begin. How do I find coders and such? How do I create this game? Pretty much all I have is an overall idea on what I would like the game to be....Please, someone help.
              Madalina Blue and Saruno


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                Skotos NEEDS steampunk. I was just thinking this recently.