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  • An intriguing idea...

    [I came up with this idea... well, I have no real idea how I came up with it; suffice it to say that most of it was composed in the twilight hours when I was supposed to be sleeping.]

    No-one really knows exactly when, or how, it happened; historians think it might have been at an oil spill, a smoggy city, or another mining rig. Whatever the case, the effects were soon felt...

    A batch of defective nano-bots - self-replicators - were released, eating virtually anything; plastics, concrete, alloys and pure ores... and organics... but the 'plague' had a few weaknesses, though these weren't known...

    Soon, the 'plague' spread, killing millions. Scientists worked frantically to develop something to counter the threat - and soon, two options arose.

    The first was a forcefield, one that would wipe out any and all nanoprobes trying to pass through - but this technology was notoriously unreliable, and hideously costly in terms of resources. However, some cities and corporations went through with it - and soon discovered that the forcefield not only cut them off from the nano-bot contaminated atmosphere, but also from the rest of the world...

    To be continued at lunch.
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    An interesting idea [cont.]

    The problem was that the forcefield interfered with any and all radiowave communication, preventing these new 'forcefield' communities from communicating or collaborating at all...

    The second option, and the one that everyone else was forced to choose, was to go underwater. Ironically enough, the only way to construct the vast underwater colonies needed to house so many people was with nanotechnology...

    After a while, the separate colonies found it too time-consuming to use traditional methods of communication such as wire-link and 'mail torpedoes,' and developed hypersonic technology - which, unfortunately, only worked underwater. Probes were sent up to the surface, frequently at first, then gradually slowing to a mere trickle when none of the probes survived...

    Both societies, unable to find data on the nanoprobes, as much of the data was destroyed, attempted to develop nano-resistant coatings or materials. Most attempts failed; still, several surface colonies did develop such a material, and created vast starships to haul their 'bubbles' to the stars, leaving their data behind, should some later colony have need...

    Many centuries later, the nanoprobes gradually 'starved' themselves out, living in little patches near natural resources, such as the mountains and near volcanoes. This 'starvation' was not discovered until later, by one of the occasional 'experimental' nano-resistant probes surfacing. The water-bound scientists were shocked. How could the nanobots have vanished without a trace? And what had happened to the [now-legendary] surface bubbles? The scientists soon created a massive data-link, attempting to develop some sort of propulsion technology that would be easily added on to their current probes. Several paths were found, and hyperwave travel was seen as the most desirable and easiest to work with using their current technology. The first probes using this technology would work until they reached the surface, then vanished when the drives were put into motion. Eventually, that technology was abandoned - but the mystery of the vanishing probes remained...

    The first successful surface probes reported back what they had seen - patches of nanobots, still active and working at eating and reproducing, barren wastes that once had been plains and cities, and stunted, broken growths of organisms that had managed, by some chance or other, to resist the plague - but the desire to reach not just the surface, but the STARS, remained...

    This is the backdrop against which a story might be cast - in one of the surface bubbles, or in one of the vast underwater bubble colonies. Any comments?
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      What a wonderful backdrop!

      What would the player do?

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        Hmm. Well...

        Good question. I had an idea for that, but I lost it. I'll think on that.
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          The bubble cities under water could go to war with each other over data technology to get to the stars, and there could be an orbital bubble city that slowly watches the fate of the rest of humanity, like scientists and sociologists
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