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  • Looking for Beta Testers

    Fans of The Eternal City will enjoy this soon-to-be released MUD set in the Middle Age of Europe. Join now and test out the 8 different combat skillsets, or try your hand at Locksmithing, Healing, Herbalism and Alchemy or other skills soon to be released. Dynamic skill system allows players to actively rank up the skills they use while generating skill points to spend in the skillset. Level-based system encourages players to customize stats and grow in a specialized direction designed for your character. Color-coded and custom-built mIRC client to handle user macros and character profiles, while granting access to a real-time navigation panel and active Health/Fatigue/Status bars. Multi-faceted item system allows for Normal, Magic, Rare and even Epic items to be found and/or crafted in the gameworld. 3000+ rooms, more than 6 established hunting grounds, various creatures, an arena equipped with live gladiators, shops, trainers, a bank, inn rooms and a gameworld that is constantly being expanded. Explore this new world anytime or contact to set up an orientation time.

    Chad Becker
    Head Programmer
    Dark Realms: City of Syne
    Try Dark Realms: CoS for free!!

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    Very excited about this! Congrats on the beta launch.
    Annett Aspley
    Doctor for the Healers of Castle Marrach
    Scholar, Secretary, and Treasurer to Lady Avaria's Household

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    - Anton Chekhov


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      Feel free to try it out!
      Try Dark Realms: CoS for free!!


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          This able to be run on Mac's at all?
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          Kyrah pauses.
          Kyrah's mouth forms the shape of an "O" as she stares at you for several moments.
          You hear the clear tone of a loud horn from someplace far away to the southwest.

          <Aux-chat> Scolve: Like the difference between "if (cheese is 'smelly)" vs "if (fromage is 'has_odeur)"

          A fellow player has given you Kudos! Reason: "Beacuse I cant even PP when youre online without being nervous as f@#$."


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            Error during char creation. You still supporting this game?