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Plotter & VP Tip #3

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  • Plotter & VP Tip #3

    Are you having fun yet?

    Well, I had it in my head I'd try to provide a new tip each month, based on my past experiences, but tip #3 comes a bit early. Thank you, Santa!

    I try very hard to arrange my schedule so that I can meet with LC's Plotter and VP staff periodically. Whether that's once a month, once a week, or daily depends on their individual projects and needs. Regardless of when we meet, I always have one question to ask them:

    Are you having fun?

    Now this may seem somewhat obvious, stupid, or plain weird, but it's important to me that LC's staff be having fun. It's something I expect in a job (and believe me working for Lovecraft Country is a job) whether I'm volunteering or getting paid for it. If I'm not enjoying myself I have to seriously ask myself why I'm making myself miserable, why am I sticking around instead of doing something that makes me happy?

    I figure if I expect to have fun that my team had better be having fun too...or else.

    Why is having fun important for LC's team?
    - a happy staff member produces more.
    - a happy staff member has more creative juices.
    - a happy staff member helps make the team better.
    - a happy staff member treats their customers in a more positive manner and in turn our customers view us and the game in a more positive light.
    - a happy staff member won't mind volunteering their time as much, and won't begrudge paying for the privilege of being staff.

    There are probably more reasons. Each individual will view their experience differently, and will have different expectations.

    Whether you are a veteran player, a staff member, a team lead, or a player in a game, I encourage you to ask yourself what makes your game of choice fun for you.

    Then ask yourself, "Am I having fun yet?"
    SH Willow