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  • SPXios
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    Most common problem

    I'm at my real life job. Trying to avoid doing it. Just felt inspired to put some real content on this forum. To those of you not familar with me, I've hosted Castle Marrach and currently host Lovecraft Country. So what do I find to be the biggest problem running a skotos game....

    Staff using twiki to record their plots. I'd add npcs using @remember to record their daily events.

    This is my second time coming into a game and hosting when I lack having played from day one. That means that if a plot isn't on twiki, I probably don't know it happened.

    In Marrach it was the potato war which was the worse case. Players loved this fluff tinyplot a Skotos coder threw together during a gencon plot lull. I hated it because there was no documents.

    I'll admit I am not a saint of documentation. I've hosted thirteen weeks and have yet to document Twiki about the chalice plot players are investigating. I didn't make notes about Halloween or Santa. At least not in Twiki and I should.

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