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Forcing Zealotry to Work in LC

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  • Forcing Zealotry to Work in LC

    I play Lovecraft Country, and I have had *endless* problems with making the Zealotry client work. Whether with Firefox or with Pale Moon, the newer versions of browsers just barf when it comes to Zealotry. I log on, click my character, and then get a client window with a three-panel distorted version of the logon screen. Logging on there just takes me back to the "play" page (also distorted) and clicking "play now" takes me right back to the logon screen. I've tried everything. I gave up and used Flash.

    Then I remembered that I *used* to be able to use Zealotry without any problems. With Firefox v2.0.0.6. This is very outdated, though, and attempting to use it in 2018 results in all sorts of error messages, including one from the current zealotry that says it's incompatible.

    I could keep using Flash, but I don't like Flash.

    So this is my solution to running two discrete versions of Firefox on the same computer (I run Windows 7 so your results may vary...though I hope they won't):

    Download a copy of Firefox (other versions might work, but I'm sure of this one) from the Mozilla archives at:

    Get hold of an old copy of zealotry. I can't find one anywhere on Skotos, so I unearthed an old copy (v0.7.11.5) from an old computer and stuck it in my Dropbox folder:

    Now install Firefox 2 as a separate installation using a separate profile using these directions (credit to Travis Dane, though I had to correct some of his instructions):

    1) Open the older version Firefox setup file and when the installation prompts you, select “Custom.”

    2) Change the destination folder to reflect the version of Firefox you are installing. For example, if you’re installing have it install to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox — the goal here is to install each version of Firefox in its own standalone directory.

    3) Check the box that asks you if you want to have a shortcut on your desktop (I unchecked the others) and DON'T run the program when it’s done installing.

    4) Next, you want to set up a separate user profile for the version of Firefox that you just installed. To do this, go into the Start-Run prompt (hit Windows key +R ) and type in the following:

    “C:\\Program Files\\PUTDIRECTORYOFTHEINSTALLATION HERE\\firefox” -profilemanager -no-remote

    Make sure you actually put the directory of the installation in the above notice. For instance, if you installed Firefox in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox the above notice will be:
    "C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox" -profilemanager -no-remote 5) The profile manager box will come up. If you haven't installed any other profiles, you'll just have "default" and you want to "Create Profile" and name that profile after the version of Firefox you installed. You can fudge here: I just called it "Firefox 2" (without the quotes). [NOTE: the forum software converts straight quotes to curly quotes. You want straight quotes. If you copy and past the above, please replace the "curlies" with the "straights".]

    6) Now, during the old version Firefox installation, you had it put a shortcut on your desktop, right? Now you have to modify the properties of that shortcut to point to the right Firefox profile. So right click the shortcut, and in the target box, put the following:

    ”C:\Program Files\PUTDIRECTORYOFTHEINSTALLATION\firefox.exe” -P ProfileName -no-remote
    [NOTE: again, the forum software converts straight quotes to curly quotes. You want straight quotes. If you copy and past the above, please replace the "curlies" with the "straights".]

    Click OK.

    Now double click on the shortcut you just modified and you should have your old version Firefox come up. Yes, you'll get warnings because certificates have expired, but you know Mozilla is safe, and you know Google is safe ( enough for all practical purposes), so you can accept those certificates either on a temporary or permanent basis. (You'll periodically get certificate alerts as you go through the Skotos and game login steps, so you can deal with them the same way).

    Find where you downloaded the old zealotry version, and drag and drop it into the old Firefox version window. Accept the installation and restart the old version Firefox.

    Now you have an antique browser AND an antique Zealotry running on your computer!

    Using your antique Firefox, navigate to Skotos and log in. You'll have to accept more certificates.

    When you get to your game, choose Zealotry as your client. I don't know about CM or IC or EC or whatever, but for LC, the Zealotry client window pops right up and I have full Zealotry functionality, including log files. No more pesky Flash! (Did you ever try to *find* those Flash log files? It's horrible!)

    I hope this helps. I might add that I've renamed the old Firefox shortcut to "Lovecraft Country" so I wouldn't accidentally click on it when I wanted the current Firefox. I also gave it a custom Cthulhu icon, which I got at

    I hope this helps. I don't play the other games (my heart belongs to the Old Gentleman), so I don't know whether results will be different for you, but I hope you find this system useful. If I've broken any rules by posting an old Zealotry version on my Dropbox account, my apologies. But if this is the case, I hope Skotos will make the old versions available in an archive folder. (If there *is* an archive folder, I haven't found it.)

    And my recommendation, of course, is that you use the antique version of Firefox ONLY for Skotos games. Don't do general browsing with it, because it's NOT secure.

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    This much more recent version of FireFox is the one that I use to play Grendel's Revenge:

    Firefox Setup 56.0.2.exe [ ]


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      I've just never been able to coax later versions of Firefox to run LC. It could be my privacy settings, I suppose, or an add-on or something. But my lack of success has been consistent across the years and with several versions of FF.

      While my post may be of little use to most, I hope it helps those few poor souls who find themselves in my situation.