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  • Announcing Story Points


    StoryPoints are Skotos rewards, given to players as thanks for the hard work that they've done building the Skotos community. We're still outlining the program, but currently points are awarded for the following actions:

    * 1 point: Referring a player who creates a trial account.
    * 20 points: Referring a player who becomes a paying subscriber.
    * 50 points: Mentoring a player who becomes a paying subscriber.

    The following points should be available as soon as we put in the technical support:

    * 50 points: Acting as a StoryGuide in a Skotos game for a month.

    Referring a player simple involves telling them about the Skotos site. A player will have an option to list you as his referrer, using either your Skotos user name or the e-mail address that's associated with your Skotos account, when he creates his account. This referral can also be automated through a special link you put on your web site; see the StoryPoints page under your <a href="">Account Overview</a> for more information. In each case you'll get the first point as soon as they sign up and the next twenty if they decide to pay.

    Mentoring a player is the much harder task of meeting them in-game and helping them get a start. A player will have an option to list you as a mentor, again listing either user id or e-mail address, after he's become a paying member.


    Very soon you'll be able to trade in StoryPoints for Skotos products, delivered to your home. We expect to initially offer the following items:

    * 200 points: Free Player's Guide.
    * 300 points: Free month of play.
    * 600 points: Free "Why Yes I am God!" T-shirt.
    * 1200 points: Free Skotos T-shirt (not otherwise available for sale).


    The StoryTellers of each Skotos game will also have the option to allow use of StoryPoints in game. We are still finalizing the guidelines regarding this, but expect to include the following rules:

    * In-game rewards which can be purchased with StoryPoints will always be available via other means.
    * Notable in-character rewards will only be offered to new characters as a head start.

    For example, we are considering the following as a possible reward in Castle Marrach:

    * 2500 points: Inner Bailey Courtier access (new character only)

    There will also be a way to convert Skotos StoryPoints directly into The Eternal City RolePoints sometime in the future.

    We hope that this new program will help to reward those people who are already doing a great job of helping the Skotos community to grow.

    And a nod to Worlds Apart, as some of our ideas about StoryPoints originated with their own RolePoints.