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  • Billing Problem

    Anyone ran into this before? I paid premium, got a receipt but it's not going through. Logged in and still basic. When I log into the main skotos account, it is asking for billing because it's unpaid but at the bottom, it says my account is
    Originally posted by Zenerai
    I'll be back at some point in the future.

    I'm pulling my card and won't be playing for a while.

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    If there's ever a billing problem, it's best to let us know at and we'll get it fixed ASAP for you.

    I suspect this was already taken care of by that means, but for future reference, I'm aware of two general issues that this could be:
    • A few times a year, Paypal misses telling us about a payment via their automatic means. If you paid via Paypal, and it's not credited within a few minutes, email and we can look it up and credit it by hand.
    • If you are on a trial account, we don't charge you until the end of your trial, which also means we don't do an upgrade to premium until that point. If you really want to bypass your trial, just let us know at, and we'll flip some switches for you.


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      help line for billing is disconnected?
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