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    Will the forums widget on the Premium Skotos subscriber landing page show updated forum posts soon? For example, the Marrach Forums' most recent post is from 3-22-2016 and displays no recent posts. Thanks!

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    That's a hard question. The updated forums are so dramatically different on the backend that it's unclear if we can re-integrate them. But, I'll make sure it's on my list to look at.


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      So... the my skotos page is pretty much an invalid premium perk now. I assume since this is still not fixed, that it's not likely going to be? That's too bad, it was one of the things I liked about having premium account.
      Amatoria crams a fist full of biscuits in her mouth.
      You pick out a biscuit from some biscuits.
      You consume the last of a biscuit.
      Dragaxus says to you, "You know you're quite sexy when you do that."
      Amatoria spits crumbs all over, "You're just saying that."

      Typically, 9 times out of 10 in TEC you are bored you just dont realize it because your brain functions at a higher rate and it keeps you from thinking about the possibility that you are simply sitting there doing absolutely nothing.