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    Originally posted by Govan
    I guess it comes down to he said/she said arguments, which I'd rather not do. It's a moot point, and I hope you enjoy TEC.

    And that's a serious wish. Nothing snarky or bitter or anything, in case it's going to be inferred.

    /edit - I don't think there's much to argue on anymore, J. We're both coming from different view points here, and even if I didn't have a premium account, I will still feel the same I think.

    I am sorry this has gotten so out of hand and I am going back to clarify the posts I can still edit.
    Agreed. I am going to remove my posts, so if there's some odd, gaping holes in the thread, that'd be why.
    "Strength through strife, in storms of steel."
    -Blood Axis

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