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Skotos Suggestion: Consecutive Monthly Premium Rewards

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  • Skotos Suggestion: Consecutive Monthly Premium Rewards

    I made a post a little while back about the market of successful muds, subscription models, and Skotos Premium Subscription and the value it has.

    I wanted to make this suggestion that would encourage more premium subscriptions to Skotos and also yield some value for the community in general. Currently the price point of $30 a month is not competitive in the current market. This is based on the strategic analysis of other successful MUD game companies and subscription models. Other subscription price points are comparable but the Skotos value to the consumer are not where they could be. My suggestions are to increase market penetration by encouraging already Premium Subscribers to continue along with developing this new Monthly Model to increase product appeal to others who may have never considered Skotos Premium as having value in its current state.

    Here are my suggestions

    I will start with Story Points because that affects all of Skotos Games

    Bonus Storypoints for your First Month is 50 StoryPoints
    Bonus Storypoints for your Second Consecutive Month is 60 StoryPoints
    Bonus Storypoints for your Third Consecutive Month is 70 StoryPoints
    Bonus Storypoints for your Fourth Consecutive Month is 80 StoryPoints
    Bonus Storypoints for your Fifth Consecutive Month is 90 StoryPoints
    Bonus Storypoints for your Sixth Consecutive Month is 100 StoryPoints (Which is the new consecutive top base monthly bonus)

    Additional Per Game Adjustments
    3 GSP in TEC being adjusted up to a base of 5 GSP per month with the same scale as above
    1st Month 5 GSP
    2nd Month 10 GSP
    3rd Month 15 GSP
    4th Month 20 GSP
    5th Month 25 GSP
    6th Month 30 GSP

    While I do not play GR - I wanted to make sure as part of this post I mentioned them as well since they seem to have a similar Core Reward like TEC does
    10 Favors - Adjusted to 15 Favors monthly, scaling up?
    100 Karma - Adjusted to 150 Karma monthly, scaling up?

    I wrote this up in the hopes that instead of seeing people sign up for Premium just for X or Y and then drop it we can encourage more of the community to consider a Premium subscription on a Consecutive monthly basis which would be competitive in the currently MUD market with an actual value that matches the money spent.
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    I like these suggestions but in my opinion premium will never be worth the cost due to lack of staff support.
    The position being taken is not to be mistaken for attempted education or righteous accusation- Only a description, just an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration.

    Oh doom and gloom, oh doom and gloom, the GMs are fools and do not realize what a position they have put us in. They could not possibly have thought of all of this already, for they are but tiny brained fools.
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