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  • "My page" not loading

    Since about 12-18 hours ago, when I log in to my account and select "My page", I keep getting an error that the connection was reset.
    I've tried several devices, browsers and connections.

    As I believe this page to be part of the Premium subscription, I figured I'd post it here.

    The issues started around the same time there were lag spikes in The Eternal City, a short while before we started having Orchil issues.

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    It seems to match up with Shannon's changes to "integrate Orchil" or something like that. I got a connection initially and am now getting an empty response.
    In his post he said he still had more to mop up, I assumed he'd fix it then.


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      Just wanted to post to indicate this still does not work.


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        Verified. I use this feature all the time. Hope we get it back

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          There any timescale on this?

          Still down over a month later
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