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What do y’all honestly think of this construct?

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  • What do y’all honestly think of this construct?

    I've got this build but at 6'7 and a SG. Really no reason to cheap mt nba 2k20 create this at PF, you receive more badges at SG. Proceed 6'7 rather than 6'8 so it's possible to get elite contacts in 98 overall instead of 99.9. I mean. I made it to play the 3 at park at 6'8. Pretty much what each player does with it. Badges are nice I get it, but flexibility and mismatches are also nice. If you want if you're searching for elite contacts or sg go for it proceed to your 6'7 sg. Although I wonder why you wouldnt make it '6 at sg at the point.

    Did you use the build from the video at PF? Badges did get and what do you think the benefits of this build is? You are right choccy suggests it is not the badges which makes this construct OP it is the mismatch while using great shooting and handling for its position, also flexibility playing 1-5.. Would you agree?

    I made yesterday, the build, but I've a friend who seemed to enjoy it. Honestly playing a few mycareer games so far it seems to me like a great one. I dont expect to control with this build especially against two ways offensively, but I like the concept of being a big that may dribble, shoot, and D up both perimeter and interior.

    You can control it against locks and two ways. Once you max out it you'll definitely love it it's among the most flexible assembles in NBA 2K. Nice, I guess I'll give it a go and sink a few hours in this construct then. Might just get some Vc tbh last time that I got to maximum 95 badges with no vc, took me the whole season wonder if there's a quicker way. Dude, what position are you? Could you tell me exactly what stuff you've used and stats? And to create it? Sorry man I am real new to this.

    So I had to get help getting the 2K Kobe locker code seeing because my little brother is currently living with me because of this corona pandemic. He uses my Xbox but his accounts when I am playing. I messaged their support groups, and FB realised, emailed but never got a reply until yesterday which said to bad so sad. They rate their service and gave me a URL to comment. I ranted a bit. Your brokers never assisted, took weeks to reply to me personally, and overall said to how to buy mt in nba 2k20 bad so sad about the situation. You know who solved the matter fast and effective? REDDIT!!