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    Hey there,

    I signed up for a premium account and I really love the fact that you get your own e-mail account with it. However, for some reason my e-mail is able to send messages (which I have tested with someone I know) but I cannot receive messages in my inbox.

    I have tried different e-mail providers to test this out, and even had a couple people try and send me an e-mail. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    It worked for me in the past when I used it, though I haven't used the premium account email function in a long, long time (it just doesn't keep up with more modern and free alternatives to handling email).

    Are you sure you have the email correct? I believe it should be
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      Yep, I'm pretty sure I was using the correct e-mail.

      I had to let my premium account lapse for the time being due to college bills, so I will try your suggestion when I re-upgrade. Thank you for the help though, it is much appreciated.