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  • Alice trouble

    Hey folks,

    We've made Marrach stop asking for the upgraded client. Those of you with troubles, try again. If you are unsuccessful, write here and we'll give instructions on how to delete the potentially partly installed new Alice.


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    still cant get in...

    ive tried everything suggested, nothing still banging on the castle doors, no one will let me in

    p.s. if i cant get in will someone set a bowl of milk outside the door?


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      Temporary Fix:

      * In any Internet Explorer window, drag down on the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options"
      * On the "General" tab and click the "Settings" button
      * Click the "View Objects" button
      * Right-click on "Alice Control" icon and DELETE it

      You'll then be able to go to Marrach or TEC Alice and the old control will be reloaded.

      This won't address the Win95/98/Me problem if you try to access Monsters! Monsters!, and you may have to do it again after you play the beta if you want to use Alice with another game until we fix this bug. So far, it is a nasty one.

      -- Christopher Allen