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Good iPhone Mud Client?

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  • Good iPhone Mud Client?

    So, Iíve been using PocketMUD for when I logged onto CM on my phone, but I just got a new iPhone (8 plus), and anytime I used a ďĒ or Ď it wonít send it onto the server >.> I have had this issue with previous devices (like my iPad), but never with my phone. I was wondering if there were any other good possible MUD clients for the Apple iOS.

    ~Caiís P

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    I have the same problem with my iPhone 6S. Canít’ use the @ symbol either.

    It will be good to know there is a solution out there.


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      Thanks to Kievn's player, I found out why! Apparently some of the newer Apple devices have strange punctuation (even though they look the same), so the client won't work. If you go to settings, general, keyboard, and toggle where it says "smart punctuation" to off, that worked for me


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        Kievn's Player, you are my new favourite person. Thank you, turning off smart punctuation did the trick.


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          Glad I could help people out. I ran into that problem about a year ago, took me forever to figure out what the issue was.



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