Castle Marrach has two ways that you can report bug or ... um ... "undocumented system features" ... to the game staff.

The first, and preferred method, is the @bug system command. This command places your report directly into a queue that is reviewed religiously by the Lead StoryCoder and assigned to the appropriate staff member or forwarded on to Skotos depending on the nature of the problem. This is the most direct path to getting your problem in front of someone who can fix it. It is also the best route for when you are certain you have a reproducable bug. If you are uncertain, or have a question about whether or not something is a bug, you are free to post to this forum.

This forum is monitored by both Castle Marrach and Skotos staff, who will step in to help when they can. This forum is also a great place to get information and opinions from your fellow players about whether or not something is a bug, if it can be reproduced in other ways, manifests in other circumstances, and so on.

But how do you report a bug? Whenever you report a bug, we'd like you to include the following information in as much detail as you can -

What did you do?: describe precisely what you did - what actions, what commands, what process. Be specific. If it involved particular characters, rooms, or objects, tell us. Describe every step of what you did before the bug appeared. Exactly what you typed in is very helpful information.

What did you expect to have happen?: Simply put, if what you were doing had worked properly what should have happened? (We ask this because sometime the game works exactly like it is supposed to but the bug reporter wasn't aware of a change, had been misinformed about a feature, etc.)

What did happen? Again, explicitely what happened. Did you receive an error message? If so, include it. Exact output of the parser is, again, very helpful.

Additional Information: If it seemed to be associated with your browser, or with TWiki, we need to know the following:
  • What browser (version number)?
  • What operating system (verion number)?
  • When did you first see this problem?
  • Can you see it with other browsers? If so, which ones can you see it with and which one's can't you?
Providing us this information is an enormous help to our efforts to track down the sneakiest of bugs. Some are obvious, but some are very particular about when they crawl out into the light. The more information you can give us the easier our job in squishing them,