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  • GINSU BUG! -- Major hole -- PLEASE DON'T EXPLOIT!

    Currently, if you wield a weapon, then offer it to someone else, or put it in a scabbard/pouch without unwielding it*, the system is fooled into thinking you still have a weapon in your hand.

    * If you try to put a weapon into a scabbard or pouch without unwielding it, you also drop it *on* the object, and do not put it *in* the object. The old Zero's Sword bug. Be careful! You will leave the weapon where it can be taken by anyone. If you leave the room, the weapon stays where you left it. But... That's a seperate form of evil.

    So, what this leaves you with -- with no weapon in hand, but the system thinking you DO have a weapon to hand -- is the ability to challenge people to Mortal Kombat with flying fists of fury!

    We tested it out against an S* character tonight. Avaria was able to have a rather hilarious and nasty catfight without anything but her fingernails -- slightly wounded the other character!

    This, as you can imagine, is RIFE for abuse and bother.

    Even if you log off and log on, the weapon is still thought to be wielded. IN OTHER WORDS: You are a non-stop killing machine!

    You cannot unwield weapon ("You see no weapon here.").

    You cannot wield a new weapon ("You are already wielding a weapon.)".
    You are stuck in this state, with an invisible ginsu capability. You can challenge other people to duels without a weapon in hand.

    However, for some reason, if you have a practice sword in hand, you will use its non-lethal properties rather than your ginsuistic deadly ninja capabilities.
    At least, that's what happened to me the night before.

    This is a major bug!

    My suggestion: Fix BOTH bugs at one time... Do not allow someone to offer a sword, drop it, or put it in a scabbard/pouch if it is wielded. Instead, display a message that says "You have to unwield your (weapon_name) first."

    Then, of course, when you unwield it, you should clear all deadly capabilities from a human character.

    Make sense?

    ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

    ~ For Love! For Valour!
    ~ For Honour! For Glory!
    ~ Onwards to Adventure!

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    Ginsu Bug Catfight!!!!

    Rock music pounds in your ears; coloured lights strobe and flash; a fog machine pumps out clouds of smoky haze, which part to show a catwalk. Molim strides elegantly down the runway, pauses to haughtily display her garments, then steps off the catwalk.

    You wave to Molim, Avaria, Charmiam, Dariel, a freckled guard, a brawny guard, a stern guard and a freckled guard.
    Avaria ducks.
    Avaria glances at Molim.
    Molim says, "I'm not here, obviously."
    Avaria takes a steel dagger.
    Avaria grumbles.
    Avaria glares at her steel dagger.
    You begin to examine Molim.

    Molim is a tall, lanky woman of ebony complexion with a head of frizzy black hair, braided. Brown eyes return your gaze from beneath black eyebrows. You also note her thick lips. She bears a tattoo of a dagger. She is carrying her guardian orb. She is wearing a lavender hemp short scabbard, a stone ring, a chartreuse silk pouch, chartreuse lizardskin pants, a diamond gold armband, an intricate gold ring, a lavender silk sleeveless blouse and lavender goldweave tall boots.

    Avaria begins to examine Molim.
    Molim begins to examine you.
    Molim begins to examine Avaria.
    Avaria puts a steel dagger in Avaria's white pouch.
    Molim winks.
    You grin at Molim's guardian orb.
    Molim says, "What's up?"
    Avaria says, "I can fight him without a weapon, but I can't unwield my dagger."
    You say, "I can't seem to wield a sword any more... I feel like an invalid."
    Molim laughs.
    You are already wielding a weapon.
    Charmiam grins at you.
    You say, "You are already wielding a weapon."
    Avaria shushes at you, "Don't talk about marital problems out here."
    OOC -- Charmiam says, "please excuse me, ... I must go get dinner and stuff."
    Avaria winks at you amusedly.
    OOC -- You say, "So there's something that's not cleared."
    Molim asks Avaria, "Where is your dagger?"
    Avaria takes a steel dagger from her white pouch.
    Avaria says, "Right here."
    Charmiam leaves through the eastern trellis.
    Molim takes a gold stiletto from her lavender hemp short scabbard.
    Molim wields a gold stiletto.
    Molim begins to examine Molim.
    Molim puts a gold stiletto in Molim's lavender hemp short scabbard.
    You begin to examine Molim's guardian orb.

    A perfectly spherical orb of an indecipherable energy floats here atop a tiny bowl-shaped mechanism that mantains and supplies a steady flow of energy to it.
    You gasp, "ooooo!"

    Avaria takes a gold stiletto.
    Avaria waves her gold stiletto.
    Molim frowns.
    Avaria offers a gold stiletto to Molim.
    Molim takes a gold stiletto from Avaria.
    You smile at Molim's guardian orb.
    Avaria says, "It's the blasted unwield bug, back with a vengence."
    Avaria begins to examine Molim's guardian orb.
    Molim nods, "Now it says I am already wielding a weapon."
    You nod to Molim, "That's the bug."
    Avaria nods to Molim, "And now you can take it in and out of your pouch without a problem."
    Molim frowns, "Pity I am not a coder."
    You say, "Something's not getting cleared when you unwield."
    Molim says, "I did not unwield though."
    Avaria nods, "If you unwield as a seperate step it's fine. Charm did that."
    A freckled guard examines a brawny guard.
    You say, "A ha!"
    You nod understandingly.

    Molim says, "I suppose, if you put the weapon away without unwielding it, the system thinks you are still wielding it, even though you put it on your scabbard, and not in it."
    Avaria says, "But that doesn't especially help Gareth and me."
    You say, "It should warn you to unwield it first before trying to put it away."
    Molim nods, "I know. We need a coder."
    Avaria nods to Molim, "And then you drop it."
    Avaria sighs, "We had this trouble before, and people kept losing swords."

    Molim nods, "I can't fix this. sorry. I don't have the coding powers."
    Avaria nods understandingly to Molim, "I'll try not to punch him, then. I think I've got fists of steel at the moment."
    You say, "I didn't want to get into a fight with anyone because I might 'accidentally' wound them... it might still think I have the sword wielded."

    Molim smiles, "I am willing to be injured, if you want to get in a fist fight with me."
    Avaria shrugs.
    Molim puts a gold stiletto in Molim's lavender hemp short scabbard.
    You gesture to Avaria, "I'll let you."
    Molim begins to examine Molim's lavender hemp short scabbard.

    Molim accepts Avaria's challenge.
    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.
    Molim shifts into a guarding stance.
    Avaria puts a steel dagger in Avaria's white pouch.
    Avaria salutes Molim.
    Molim salutes Avaria.
    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.
    Molim begins to examine Avaria.

    Dariel cheers, "Catfight."
    Molim laughs, "Cat fight - claws and hairpulling."
    Avaria grins.
    Molim flexes her fingernails.
    You meow.
    Avaria hisses.
    Dariel grins boyishly.
    You grin.
    Molim approaches Avaria.
    Molim grabs Avaria's silky raven hair.
    Avaria pulls at Molim's nose.
    Molim painfully pulls at Avaria's silky raven hair.
    A freckled guard nods to a brawny guard.
    Avaria gasps.
    Molim says, "Ow!"

    Johnathan arrives through the western ebony archway.

    Molim holds her nose.
    A stern guard watches attentively.

    Johnathan bows to Molim, you, Avaria, Dariel, a freckled guard, a brawny guard, a stern guard and a freckled guard.

    Molim punches Avaria's face.
    Avaria rubs her head.
    Avaria punches Molim's belly.

    OOC -- You say, "rofl! Johnathan -- this is ALL OOC! Don't worry! "
    Molim smiles at Johnathan, "Don't mind us."
    OOC -- You say, "What a scene to walk in on!"
    Dariel gazes at Dariel's snake torc and it glows momentarily.
    Avaria scratches Molim's arm.

    OOC -- Johnathan says, "got it.. (ahh just in time.. I was about to draw.."

    Molim tells Avaria, "Try the duelling commands."

    Avaria attacks Molim unexpectedly while she is saluting -- Molim barely parries the thrust.

    Avaria drops into a guarding stance.
    Molim gasps.
    Dariel chuckles.
    Molim drops into a guarding stance.
    Molim parries Avaria's thrust.
    Avaria slides into a guarding stance.
    Avaria nearly cuts Molim, who desparately parries from guard.
    Molim clenches her fingers.
    Avaria drops into a guarding stance.
    Molim barely parries Avaria's slash; their swords ring together.
    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.

    Lavinya arrives through the western ebony archway.

    Avaria curls her fingers.
    Molim quickly parries a thrust by Avaria.
    Molim extends her fingernails.

    Lavinya curtsies deeply.
    You allow Johnathan to walk Gareth. Johnathan moves from the western ebony archway to Gareth.
    Johnathan walks to you.

    Molim scratches Avaria's high cheek.
    Avaria gasps.

    Dariel tells Lavinya, "This is all OOC."

    Avaria slaps Molim's face.

    You comment painfully, "Woah! Avaria got in a blow while Molim was saluting! Dirty underhanded vicious! -- that's my sweetie!"

    Molim parries Avaria's thrust.
    Molim laughs.
    Avaria grins.

    Dariel explains to Lavinya, "Looking at a nasty bug here."
    Johnathan whispers to you, "ooc unarmed dueling commands?"

    Molim says, "I'm not game to use a duelling move on avaria in case i injure her."
    Lavinya nods.

    Avaria smirks at Molim, "That the best you've got?"
    Avaria nearly stabs Molim, who desparately parries from guard.

    Johnathan whispers to you, "Like last night when you didnt have a sword?"

    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.
    OOC -- You say, "a sword bug. neither have weapons, but both say they are still wielding weapons."

    Molim painfully punches Avaria's dainty ear. Molim parries Avaria's thrust.
    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.
    Avaria rubs her face.
    Molim begins to rest.
    While Molim tries to recover her breath, Avaria presses forward -- ignoring Molim's attempt at a parry -- and cuts her opponent! A solid hit. Molim has been slightly wounded!
    Her and Molim stop dueling. Molim has been declared the loser.
    Avaria shifts into a guarding stance.

    OOC -- Lavinya says, "Interesting."
    OOC -- You say, "There you go!"
    Avaria raises her arched eyebrow.
    OOC -- Dariel says, "Ouchies."
    OOC -- You say, "No weapons in hand!!!"
    Avaria brushes her slender hands.
    Molim says, "Hmm... duelling with no weapons. a bad bug."
    Avaria exhales at her fingernails.
    Molim spits at Avaria.
    Avaria gasps.
    Molim grins at Avaria.
    OOC -- Johnathan says, "last night gareth... didnt you win against me with out a weapon? but i didnt get injured.. (or was that you and sindale?"
    Avaria kicks Molim's calf.
    OOC -- Dariel says, "Yup. Especially as soon as someone starts to insist it was NOT armed assault as they didn't actually hold the weapon."
    Molim hops painfully.
    OOC -- You say, "Avaria "Ginsu" Tyr'Eskin! -- her hands can be used like a knife!"
    Molim ends.
    Dariel begins to examine Molim's slight wound.
    OOC -- Dariel says, "Wound definitely is there."
    ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

    ~ For Love! For Valour!
    ~ For Honour! For Glory!
    ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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      For only $19.95, you can get a pair of Avaria Tyr'Eskin hands!
      They can chop, dice, slice, jullian and even PUREE! All this and MORE!
      And if you call in now with your major credit card, we'll throw in five, no TEN pairs of replacable fingernails. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

      Offer subject to change at will since noone listens or reads this super-sonic extra-fine print anyway as you pull your life savings out of the bank and sign away the soul of your first born son
      To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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        Damn you Yankees for selling everything in US dollars. Do you know just how expensive it is for us, Canucks?

        *retreats before creating even more uselessness on this board*


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          This is now fixed. If you find yourself bugged, please file an assist and beg for help, but be prepared to beg and plead for mercy, since you were exploiting a bug.

          StoryGuide Marath


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            Related - is this a bug also?

            A huge open courtyard at the center of the Inner Bailey.

            A stern guard, a tall guard, a short, heavy brazier, a tall guard and a scarred guard are standing near here. A banner on a pole is standing next to the north oak door. You are standing near the southwest tower. The deep snow is lying on the tiled pavement. The onyx fountain is standing near the center of the courtyard. A wooden bench is standing against the east wall.
            > duel stag
            You are not wielding a weapon.
            > get sword from scabbard
            You take a steel longsword from your ivory leather scabbard.
            > wield sword
            You wield a steel longsword.
            > duel stag
            You challenge the Inner Bailey courtyard to a duel.
            > duel 1st guard
            You challenge a short guard to a duel.

            I really don't think I should be able to challenge CNPCs or the entire courtyard!


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              Garrik logs the bug:, "Why is why Charmiam, our peaceful first acolyte is trying to attack the castle itself. This must be a bug, that would never happen"
              To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                [scien, the winter ball... everyone's having a ball]

                enter charmiam

                charmiam wields her bloodly long sword. (is that a long sword that's bloody or a sword that's bloody long? the world may never know)

                charmiam chalenges ballroom to a duel.

                charmiam drunkenly states 'Come on! I can take you all on!

                Charmiam hiccups

                Charmiam swings wildly

                Sir Launfal Collapses lifelessly

                Charmiam Giggles 'Sorry Lord!


                [The inner bailey garden]

                enter catt.

                Catt flexes

                Catt approaches a tree

                Catt chalenges a tree to a duel

                a tree accepts duel

                a tree drops into guarding stance

                catt lunges at a tree scratching her fingernails up and down the base of its trunk, sheding bark everywhere.

                Catt and the tree have finished dueling, Catt has won this bout.

                Catt sharpens her claws on the tree.

                Catt meows joyfuly

                Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)


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                  And if you call in the next ten minutes, you get two, that's right TWO! Very limited edition items: A Charmed Long Sword and a pair of Catt Claws!

                  ACT NOW!
                  To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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                    What fun we used to have.

                    We still have fun of course, or we wouldn't be here.