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    Originally posted by Geist View Post
    The Flash client works with the Puffin broswer for iPad. It has some client interface issues, but it does work.
    Wow, this is night and day, thank you.


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      Hi there,
      are there any more ways to experience the game on my iPad?
      Right now 2017, neither Firefox nor Safari nor Chrome work for me.

      how do you guys do it nowadays?


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        Originally posted by Qdee View Post
        Download the Pocket MUD app. It's pretty crappy to my experience, though. Granted, I've only used it with iPhone. The address is and the port is 443.
        Other Apps might also exist. On Android found MUKLUK to be alright. Very basic, but it's words on a screen. Don't need much more than that
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          Might also try MUDRammer, it is the only client I know of that has been updated recently, and works on the IOS platforms.
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