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Marrach Social Evening in Sydney (Australia)

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  • Marrach Social Evening in Sydney (Australia)

    Sindale's player is up from the rainy city this coming Monday night, and would like to reassure himself that there are normal people behind the wierdos he sees in-game.

    If anyone is available for dinner this Monday night, please note here. Time and place has not been finalised yet, but I expect somewhere in the eastern suburbs. Spouses welcome also.

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    *grumble grumble grumble*
    Mondays! But I have a funky game on mondays, and it'd be a three hour drive, if I could drive, and if I had more warning... Sort of. Not that you've rped with me anyways....
    I lurk around Canberra though if you're ever headed that way... Hmm... as a curiosity, do you do the con scene at all? Arcanacon and the much anticipated EgoCon? Can't remember the other Melbourne con names....


    (Traelin's player. Fairly new to Marrach)


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      Dinner Monday night? Let me check my diary ...

      Monday ... start new job at 9am, finish 5:30pm, ... drive for 10 hours to Sydney, ... I can be there at 3:30am Tuesday! But wait, ... I'll have to leave at 1am Tuesday to drive back to Brisbane in time for work at 9am.

      Sadly, I won't be able to make it to dinner. Please pay my respects to the coathanger.


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        Bummer.... If it had been on the Weekend I might have made the trip.

        Oh well. I'll just have to have a Aussie style Marrach BBQ one weekend.


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          Well, I've managed a 150% response rate for Austrlian Marrach players I know of who don't live in Sydney. Pity about the locals.

          "Mairead" / Pixie, are you suggesting that if there was something on a weekend you might be interested in making the trip anyway? If so, I might think about that for the future.

          In the meantime, do I have a response (yea/nay) from Davog or Noddi for Monday?



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            I might be in for a weekend thing, yeah. I'm in Victoria, but 2 hours north of Melbourne. On top of which, there's probably 2 weekends I'd be in Sydney, possibly 3 anyway. Will let you know more when I know which ones.


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              I know Shepparton; I used to live in Cobram.


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                Sorry, I've been caught up with RL and haven't had much time to check the boards. I'll have to pass for this one I'm afraid.



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                  Oh well, it was worth a try and failed....and I don't mean the inability to get some of us Aussies together. My trip to Sydney got cancelled and so I won't be catching up with anyone anyway. Thanks for trying though Salain, one weekend I'll pick Mairead's player up and we'll drive on through



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                    I can make sydney on a weekend with warning of at least a couple of weeks.
                    Melbourne is trickier, but if it's around con time I have a better chance of getting there (and gettign accomodation with people I know)


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                      OK, let's be proactive here. Trev / "Mairead", care to nominate a Saturday and we'll try to make something happen?


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                        I'll check my calendar for next available day. I'm pretty busy for the next few weekends.