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"Where are you? Are you busy? Can we talk?" -- ICly please!

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  • "Where are you? Are you busy? Can we talk?" -- ICly please!

    While the paging system can be used very effectively to help arrange for or stage dramatic scenes, make sure 'actors are set for their queues/entrances' etc., I have a lot of characters I really don't know that well who are paging me with general "are you busy?" questions.

    There are some people in Gareth's circle this is welcome from, and times when Gareth is needed for various ICly responsibilities. That's cool.

    Other times, it's from folks I've not RPed with too much (or at all) who are trying to 'meet the Gareth'.

    If this happens to me, it likely happens to a lot of people. Here's how I'd like to request people handle it.

    The answer: Yes. Gareth is usually always busy. However above all else, please...

    I encourage you to FIND ME ICly.

    1) Send me a scroll to let me know you are looking for me, and why. Telling me it's 'secret' or 'personal' or 'important' without some rather specific statement or clue is likely not to cause me to rush to your aid.

    2) Look around the castle. I have a few common haunts.

    3) Ask people if they've seen me.

    4) Wait in the Outer Bailey courtyard for a time. I may pass through, or others might have spotted me. Be patient.

    If you finally see me after sending me a scroll or chasing me down, and I'm busy or tired, please respect my decision to not run off with your character immediately.

    (Especially if I have no idea who you are, or if you are an unestablished character, or you won't say why you want to speak with me, or you were just chewing my ass off the day before, or there are three people queued up ahead of you, etc.)

    Conversely, if I finally see you after sending me a scroll or I chase you down, and then you ignore me or treat me rudely (ICly or OOCly), please be willing to RP responsibly and not 'blame' me OOCly for not being there for your character.

    Also, yes Gareth knows a lot. Some people he trusts and divulvges stuff to. Other people he trusts as far as he can spit. Sometimes I might ask you to ROLEPLAY to get an answer from me. If you page me with an ICly question, and are not responded to by page with an ICly question, please try to ROLEPLAY with Gareth to get the answer. He's a friendly sort.

    And if/when you do talk ICly, are not immediately taken into confidence about deep and dark secrets or even trivial truths, there are *ICly* reasons for it. Gareth usually gives you an idea of what those are.

    Gareth is a rather prominent character, but this applies likely to any character, great or small. Please use ICly means to arrange meetings and solve plots when possible.
    ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

    ~ For Love! For Valour!
    ~ For Honour! For Glory!
    ~ Onwards to Adventure!

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    Re: "Where are you? Are you busy? Can we talk?" -- ICly please!

    Originally posted by Gareth
    I encourage you to FIND ME ICly.
    Will do ... um well actually, not sure people want to see a storyplotter body walking around. Can I guess then that for plotter stuff I can page you?

    This is a big issue for me personally. It's one thing when I'm Xios, though normally I'm in that body because I'm meeting with someone. But I've gotten paged in bost every body I use. Some people know they can page me any time to chat about ooc stuff and so forth. And I tend to mostly be fairly open to letting people page me and chat with me. But you wouldn't believe some pages I get:

    [OOC Page from XXXXXXX] to Prince Bertram, "Are you really a Prince?"
    [OOC Page from XXXXXXX] to Prince Bertram, "How'd you get to be a prince?"

    That's my rant for the day. Not saying don't page me ever. Just use some sense. Point is to do things in-character. Don't be surprised if the response you get is, "Find out IC."
    -StoryHost Xios


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      I frequently get pages from people that I’ve never met asking me how they can meet me or how they can become a Lady themselves. My usual answer is to find out IC.

      My personal favorite random page was:

      “Are you and Lady Berthe friends or do you fight lots to be the best Lady?”

      If we fought I think Berthe would win.


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        is it just me? or is it that everytime Viv is one..I want to page her something TERRIBLE...but of course, i restrain myself..i mean i doubt she would love the Queen is a whore random pages *snicker*


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          As Xios and Amoret have said, it is not only questions of "Where are you? - Are you busy?" You get just about everything. These are all examples that I have received before:

          [OOC Page] from Random Somebody I Don't Know, "Hi! How are you today?"
          [OOC Page] to Random Somebody I Don't Know, "I'm fine. But please do not page people unless it is important or you know them well and they wouldn't mind."

          [OOC Page] from Random Miscreant, "Is there anyway to escape from the dungeons?"
          [OOC Page] to Random Miscreant, "Find out IC and please do not page random people asking those types of questions."

          [OOC Page] from Someone, "Where are you!?"
          [OOC Page] to Someone, "Is it majorly important to plot movement? If not, find out IC."
          [OOC Page] from Someone, "It's not that important. But are you busy?"
          [OOC Page] to Someone, "Find out IC."

          If someone had a limited amount of playing time, I might answer the question of, "Would I be able to find Mielyr sometime soon? I need to ask him something important, but I have to go soon (RL things)."

          Other than that, the 'where' and 'are you' questions aren't needed.

          -The Doc's Player

          P.S. Surprisingly, no one has asked me how to become a Doctor in a Page or how Mielyr became a Doctor. *knock on wood*


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            I mostly get pages from people I dont know are about:
            a) secret doors, people wanting to know ooc how to get in/out of places
            b)johns sexual prefrence
            c) ooc beg for a lession(ushally dueling but sometimes anything)

            I however have been known to page people when I am in an hurry or have limited time with this. "are you hidding in your room or can you be found."
            I dont mind looking for someone IC but if they are in there room i like to ask simply becouse there is no way to knock/check a persons room..


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              I usually get, Can you dye me some clothes or Can you teach me *Insert skill here*

              Poking my VooDoo Doll Viciously!


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                Acceptable Behavior

                I too believe it's acceptable, once you've exhausted all ICly possibilities, or have 'credentials' with the character you're trying to locate, to send a simple page asking "are you in a findable location"?

                There are some players with limited time/opportunity to meet certain key characters. I have no problem using it as a bona fide logistical tool to make sure 'plot happens'.

                Yep. I've been paged a lot for 'can I have a lesson.'

                ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

                ~ For Love! For Valour!
                ~ For Honour! For Glory!
                ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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                  Not annoying enough?

                  This brought up a thought to my thick brain.

                  I've never really been able to get anything done in the Castle. I've tried to be polite by not paging people, not bugging the S*'s, etc.

                  But am I being too nice? Am I too far the other way? Not bugging people enough?


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                    i always sit in my room these days and wait for pages..they are generally ooc and a way for me to keep in touch without getting involved. *shrug*


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                      *Feels like a pest now*

                      I do alot of random pages, but I usually don't ask for something. There are a few people I'm buddies with OOCly, and I'll asked them if we can 'set up a scene somehow.'

                      I know just recently I pestered Pete for a lesson... hehe... OPPS! I think it was more me wondering if he had the time... still feel like a pest now though. hehe, SORRY PETE!

                      Tyr Gunn
                      Lieutenant of the Queen's Regular Army


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                        and when i see someone in the ib fountain..i like to page them *you feel someone looking over your shoulder* *snicker*


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                          I don't mind close ICly friends/protoges (people I've ICly promised to take under wing or have strong bonds with) paging me.

                          It's when "Darkillr" pages me with "soz u teach dulling ?" or "Misswho" pages me with "I'm bored. Teach me northern" (which I don't even speak) that I do an eyeroll.

                          ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

                          ~ For Love! For Valour!
                          ~ For Honour! For Glory!
                          ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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                            Originally posted by britta
                            and when i see someone in the ib fountain..i like to page them *you feel someone looking over your shoulder* *snicker*
                            I do that often in the dining hall, looking through the space between the pilliars...spying on people
                            Tinne smiles, "I like learning! It makes you know stuff!"


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                              Re: Not annoying enough?

                              Originally posted by Sham
                              I've never really been able to get anything done in the Castle. I've tried to be polite by not paging people, not bugging the S*'s, etc.
                              You could enjoy the free time ... I guess. Though on the good side, it means I can always either find someone on, or have some task to do. Guess I've started to get the mentality you'd expect of the mcuh longer term residents. There will eventually be time for it.

                              Last night was a good example. Needed to find Danyk, Genns, Elvii, or Gareth. None in the courtyard, though Elvii did walk in just as I was leaving, I can't recall if we'd really be introduced, which tends to mean I assume no as if I can't remember, Ra's not going to remember the person's name. So I hit the lecture hall, had a nice talk and Ra' actually learned about the OB library. Hit the sunset room, strangly empty. Heading to the Phoenix room Ibumped into Gareth. Then he got to run around the castle looking for Elvii. After all, they wanted to speak to me and I wasn't in a big rush. It's the mentalities of "let them come to me" or "considering how long people live in the castle (finding that out would be IC) why rush around as everything will eventually get done."

                              idly mused by Ra'

                              p.s. No I'm not trying to just say ooh, look at me and how important Ra' is. If you think so, read read what I said a few times.



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