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Absence explained.

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  • Absence explained.

    To anyone who knows Alk, he won't be around for a while unfortunately.


    Let's just say I've learnt to unplug my modem during a terrible storm in the future.

    I'm writing this up in a quaint net cafe.

    So I'm sorry if my replies to threads, PMs etc are scarce.

    Those who have been talking to ME the player would know this coincides with my temporary break from the game so I guess it's kind of a sign, heh .

    As for how long I'll be gone, I can't really comment. I might be gone for weeks or I could be back IG tomorrow (if my setup allows) so I guess I'll just sign off with a fond farewell to you all.

    Sincerely yours,
    Principle comes second to power.

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    We love you... come back soon. And I'll be sending mental hugs and smooches everyday.

    Beat you again, Lydia.



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      I was beginning to think your computer ATE you or something, Adam! Jeez! As long as the storm only harmed your computer and didn't get you *glances over at Darvius and Isaria's storm-house-destruction thread* ... then I guess that's a good thing.

      You are missed! And so are the Alkaizers! (Alkaizer the Orc & Alkaizer the Duelist) I hope all goes well and you enjoy your break away from the online insanity. In the mean time, get some pie, do something naughty, and get your damned computer some protection against power surges!

      *mad hugs*

      "Four A.M. knows all my secrets."


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        *mutters* Darn you, Carrie.


        Hun, you had me all worried :S

        I miss talking to you on MSN. I got so used to always seeing you on there.... it's odd now that you're not. I really hope you enjoy your break, and I hope that your computer gets all fixed up really soon. Come back super-refreshed

        I love you and Alk both, and am going to miss you loads.

        Take care sweetie,



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          Originally posted by Alkaizer
          Let's just say I've learnt to unplug my modem during a terrible storm in the future.
          My sympathies - the same thing happened to me (see - don't stay away too long, or they'll start making up funny stories about you .


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            *smirks* I forgot I did that.

            Hmmmm... Now, how would Alkaizer look if he spontaneously fried?
            "Four A.M. knows all my secrets."


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              Hey Adam... I share your pain, mate. Storm killed my power for a while too. Luckily my modem survived.


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                Well I was just walking by another net cafe so I decided to drop in, log on and just hand in my status report .

                I'm going to have to get a new setup costing $300 plus, so I'll hopefully be back around next week some time.

                And yes, I have missed you all greatly. After reading the responses, it's nice to know someone cares.

                Well it's a beautiful weekend and I won't take up any more of your time reading this little dribble.

                Just my one dollar,


                Overpriced net cafe...
                Principle comes second to power.


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                  Fingers crossed that we'll see you soon hun! I am most grateful for you posting, worth the exobitant net cafe price. Very glad to know you're ok, and will be coming back soon

                  {Still missing you lots }

                  Lydia !