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  • A suggestion/request

    I've thought about this a lot, and there is one thing I'd like to see being offered on the Skotos' bazaar, and I'd pay a lot for...

    Coffee Mugs.

    I would love to see offered a blue coffee mug with the triflame logo of CM on there. That would be it. When people would see me sipping and wonder what kind of funky design is that, I could talk to them about Skotos. I have two American Meteorological Society blue coffee mugs, and they look really cool, despite the fact they have a very dopey looking seal on there. A triflame one would look way better than a dopey seal.

    A triflame blue coffee mug would be so cool.

    And maybe even a CM T-Shirt.

    ---Andrew I'm serious!

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    Cerulean, a tri-flame argent within an annulet argent.

    Coffee mugs, the new shield of arms. Huzzah!

    Actually, I want to chime in on this. I would definitely buy one!


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      Ooo! I'd buy one as well.



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        I'm in for them for sure!! I would love to purchase either a mug or a T-shirt.

        Put me on the waiting list!


        Dionar Elswyth

        Courtier of the Winter Court


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          *coughs* ya know...there was talk at Gencon..something about if we had enough orders...say about twenty...we could have some shirts made up... "The Queen is a whore!"

          Just so everyone is aware..

          *~Ranowan Ophidias~*
          Poets Brotherhood Patron
          Alumni of the LPA
          Poets Brotherhood Guildleader


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            I'd want an oversized one (normal coffee cups are just tiney). But yes, that would be cool. Sometime I'll have to figure out how much my Marvin cup holds.

            -=- Matt