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"Damn You Wee Bull" -- In praise of Victor's unsanctioned duels

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    I think there are some other factors here that have an effect as well. For example, Stellar has been nothing but bad virtually since the day he awoke. A watchman sees him and immediately thinks 'Do I need to arrest him.' Stellar may be getting more discreet about it all now, but the damage is done.

    On the other hand, Victor has been around a long time, and people do (and should) respect that. Heck, I remember a time when every time Victor showed his nose in public he was gettting arrested, but he seems to have gotten beyond that. and I think that the unofficial rank of time awakened (expressed unconsciously by people treating VP's differently) has of course had an impact on Victor getting away with things.

    There are ways to get around being arrested for unsanctioned duels, it used to happen all the time, just ask any of the older duelists/former duelists. Question is, who is smart enough to work it out, and willing enough to take the risks that come along with it. I can tell you now, there are some out there, and it won't be long before they are noticed.



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      Is this just a plea for Snidely Whiplash to come back and whoop you one? I've got plenty of rope just dangling here waiting...and I have Nell tied firmly to the railroad tracks. She's not going anywhere, do you hear?? I'm going to have her squashed like a bug, and then all of your little hopes and dreams will be dashed and shattered into a million pieces!! Muwahahaha!!

      (aka Snidely Whiplash)
      *curls his mustache and hunches over rubbing his hands together*
      Harbormaster: Hold up there, you! It's a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock... and I shall need to know your name.

      Jack Sparrow: What do you say to three shillings and we forget the name.

      Harbormaster: Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. Smith!


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        Snidely Whiplash

        I think, given Nell's own dueling skills, Snidely would be whiplashed.

        Go Avi!

        ~ Gareth Beaumains ~

        ~ For Love! For Valour!
        ~ For Honour! For Glory!
        ~ Onwards to Adventure!


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          Victor is mah daddy.
          Originally penned by Dionar
          Ryot was a mistake, and it was corrected. Threads have been locked because the conversation degraded into personal attacks and name calling.


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            Originally posted by Gareth, "People "root" for Victor to cause conflict, and don't bust his balls the same way another character who would do the same action."

            I'd think people would bust on Victor even more since it's what he's there for. Though that's more my personal opinion. I know I've made various jokes about the "size of his sword", typically followed by the word "compensating". I'd be less willing to so freely make such jokes about a PC. Well, slightly less willing.

            Originally posted by Gareth, "Those skill levels were assigned to Victor. It's not like he ICly 'earned' them. He also doesn't have to "work for it" like the rest of us poor slobs turning up to 3-6 practices a week for a year or two just for a half-decent chance to "lose well" to him."

            Technically, he did ICly earn them. He just ICly earned them before the game started. So it was in-character, just not in-game. He also got a sponsor and that sword. Compare how long he's been around and compare him at the start of the game to some of the others who now have been awake that long.

            Most important in looking at his skills though is to consider his entire backstory, which admitedly you probably can't exactly do at this time but you can start to get an idea that his skills are quite justified.

            Originally posted by John, "The point is people act diffrently tword vp charicters often becouse they are vps. This is nothing against the vps themselves."

            To some extend, I'll agree. I've seen people give Evayne lots more respect than she might have gotten if she was a VP. Then again, some of it must be attitude of the PC vs VP. I'm waiting for the chronicle of court before I go too much into detail about my little surprise last night. But it definitly showed to me that everyone is wrong. It's not who you are or how long you are awoken. This in all probability was also just the start. I obviously can't make an example each time someone makes these claims, but I am now positive that there is plenty you can do, you can make an impression, and you can be known within your first 30 days. I'll later be posting more information about the ending to my plot and adventure. I'll go into much more detail.

            Though to quote a message I got last night from Skout, "I was waiting for Auto-Restrain."
            -StoryHost Xios


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              Damnit. Now I'm ever regretful that I couldn't make it last night.

              Well... ... ... I'm not sure what situation you people are talking about, but I know first hand that Victor has and does get into trouble. Remember when he got in that brawl with the Watch? He almost got his head chopped off for that one. Plus - almost got his sword comfiscated.
              A glutton for punishment.



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