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Skill-changing and Appearance-changing Items

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  • Skill-changing and Appearance-changing Items

    Some items in Castle Marrach raise skills. Usually, these items also set your Teaching skill to 0, so you can not teach your magically, temporarily improved skill to others. (In any case where that does not happen, it's probably a bug, and you should report it - you wouldn't want anyone to think you're exploiting a bug.)

    Please do NOT wear multiple objects that do this. There's a very good chance that your skills will be messed up if you do -- most likely, your Teaching skill won't be returned when you remove the items, and that's a hassle to fix.

    Similarly, never wear multiple items that alter the same property, like a hair-ring and hairsticks, etc. (I can't say for sure about disguise cloaks, but to be safe, maybe don't combine them with such items, either.) The odds are very good doing this will cause your character's body to "forget" what the original property was, and you'll be permanently altered -- and we'll have no way to check for sure to see what the original property even was.

    Make-up is a bit of an exception: the new make-up doesn't care if you, say, apply a lipstick for a different description 10 times in a row; once it wears off or you clean it off, you'll go back to your original look. (I spent a good while making sure this worked right.) However, if you use some OTHER object that alters the same thing as a make-up item, there may be issues.

    I wish there was an easy way to fix this, but the problem is literally an individual script in every such item, or in some cases a script hosted over in Ironclaw namespace that we can't access.

    So, again, in short: please don't wear multiple skill-changing items at the same time, or you may "lose" your Teaching skill to a bug. I'd fix it if I could, but short of finding and re-coding every such item, I can't.

    Edit: Also, if you die wearing an item that changes your skills or appearance (except a disguise cloak, probably), odds are your skills/appearance will need to be manually fixed by a staff member. Just an FYI.

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    Bumping this up as a friendly reminder to anyone that due to recent events is thinking of making a Batman style character.
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