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The Wonderful Tent of Master Ali

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  • The Wonderful Tent of Master Ali

    Time has come yet again - Master Trader Ali-Jahib has arrived in Castle Marrach!

    The Master Trader is very excited to be here. This year he boasts his largest collection ever, over one hundred one-of-a-kind custom/unique items and hundreds more rare and difficult-to-obtain items in the Master's wares. Rare, exotic and unique trinkets, toys, clothing, jewelry, furniture, drinks, decor, weapons, armour, crafting resources and an array of mysterious magical artifacts.

    The Master Trader's tent is currently set up for viewing, all potential patrons are welcomed inside the Master's brand new tent, freshly stitched from Araby. Window shopping only! No trading has been scheduled yet, but please take your time, explore the Master's wares and select a few items of note for potential purchase when trade opens.

    Feast your eyes on the wonderous tent of Master Ali-Jahib!
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    Really looking forward to trading with Master Ali. Hopefully we hear soon about that schedule so we can adjust our RL schedule in time to be able to attend one of the sessions.
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      Hey, can you guys and gals please schedule another OB early (before noon) trading day for morning players? You only have one day on the schedule. Thank you a lot!