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Those Blasted Gnomes!

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  • Those Blasted Gnomes!

    Hey Folks!

    First and foremost, I want to thank every person who plays CM because without the players being active, we can't do anything to generate and create stories. So thanks for being here and giving us a canvas to create on!

    Secondly, this was my first plot! In an effort to find out what did/did not work, I am asking for people to comment on what they liked/did not like for the duration of this plot. Keep in mind, it wasn't meant to be wholly 'in your face' until the last night which was the party. I was aiming for stealthy/inclusive and feel like I did a decent job of keeping them aligned throughout the process!

    But all in all these stories require players who are not only interested but eager to partake, so please let me know what you did or did not enjoy!

    Again, from the bottom of my black little heart, thank you so much! Tonight was a blast and all the RP over the past 8 days has been wonderful!


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    RPing with the gnomes was awesome, and all the little details like the food, and the rockets, and the banging from the alchemist's hall, were awesome. They kept me personally guessing and wanting to be on to see more. This was so great. And then at the end, where everyone was expecting something sinister, we all got a surprise with an awesome birthday party! Kudos to you, Merc, and all the staff that participated. This was epically awesome!!! Loves of love to staff!!


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      Great job! This is on the top five list of favorite things to have been involved in. Thinking back over the sixteen years in the game it's plots like these that I remember. Exciting and mysterious but didn't require a whole lot of character sacrifice and -everyone- could be involved because it didn't dictate toward any skill set. Well done
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        The end party was my favorite part with all the boxes opening up and stuff flying everywhere. It was like a collection of all the best things you could ever want at a social event. I didn't get to interact with the gnomes very much beforehand on my main, but it was fun watching people try to puzzle out what they were up to on my alt and getting everyone's curiosity piqued always counts as a success to me. It did seem like it was inclusive and not targeting any one specific audience other than the birthday girl, which was awesome. I don't really have any constructive criticism that wouldn't have taken away from the surprise element of the party, so kudos to you!
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