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    Thanks to the help of some amazing players and staff, Prelinah was successfully able to retrieve her curious little golem pal and finally figure out what the heck it did.

    Er... I mean He is Rhoc. He dropped a few little gems for those of you that helped him out, and Prelinah will make sure the others who helped get one as well, but what made this plot the most fun to do was the interaction with everyone who tried their hardest to search and search all over the keep for the missing pieces. Not everything went how I planned! The thing I love about this was how I had to think on my toes to change things up as people intelligently and quickly intercepted Fireball, or helped Prelinah.

    I tried to incorporate as many of you all as I could, by varying activity time, and keeping it mostly around the weekend times. It was a small plot, I know, but that was what I was aiming for. Something that would give everyone a story to tell, give them a little favor with the mischievous Prelinah, and a little gemstone to remember it by.

    If any of you have questions, concerns, constructive criticism, or just wanna make comment, please - go right ahead! It was my first plot, and I'm only looking to get better

    Oh and most importantly - THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

    -Storyplotter in Training,
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    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    I liked the plot, even though Sassa wasn't involved. Cute, and the fact of the gems being beyond what people can normally have in their ranks made the gems extra-special, I think - because they have to figure out creative solutions for what to do with them!

    Also, the fact that Sassa DIDN'T get to participate made it even more enticing to try to figure out times to participate in such cute little plots in the future.

    Keep it up; you're doing great!

    (P.S. If you ever want plot ideas, I have so many ideas that I give myself headaches! )

    - Sassa's Player

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      I liked the rocks
      Mallegra ..