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Adobe just killed Flash

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  • Adobe just killed Flash

    I am sure that Skotos staff has become aware of this news already, but I thought I would post it here for others. Adobe has announced it is killing flash as of 2020; in the next two-and-a-half years, support and updates for the plugin will ramp down and cease.

    As Skotos' clients for any non-mozilla client require flash, I was wondering what this will mean for users.

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    Well, I'm not terribly concerned, at least as of yet, for two principle reasons.

    Firstly, flash won't cease to exist once Adobe finishes with it, they're just going to stop updating it. Which may be a boon, because the last of the Skotos technicians who created the Skotos flash client left Skotos and stopped updating that client roughly ten years ago. The client itself hasn't been updated since then, so the less flash is updated the less out of date our client actually is with the most recent flash protocols. At least that's my understanding of how that works, I can't claim to be a Flash programmer myself.

    But secondly and chiefly, the flash client is simply bad. If I recall, Nino himself conceded that he wasn't able to complete it because of hard coded Flash limitations that prevented him from implementing it how he wanted. I really don't like that its advertised as Skotos' primary client because Zealotry is just so much smoother, with more UI options, it runs faster and it looks better. Last time I tried the flash client, simple features like shift+enter to drop a line didn't function correctly, highlighted/selected text wouldn't show up against a black background, and output text would regularly pop between regular and italicized. I'm not sure if the macro function works for flash or not either.

    Admittedly Zealotry is a bit out-of-the-way, Firefox isn't as wildly popular as it was back in 2005 when we first started using it, and not every new potential player is interested in downloading a new web browser with a plugin for it just to try a new MUD if Firefox isn't already on their palette. But it's still the client I'd strongly recommend for Skotos games, and in so far as the MUD community goes, having to download a new client to play the game is fairly common.
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