Multiple Downtimes for All Games [Updated: Rest of Phase 1 Times]

Unfortunately, the whole computing world is facing a major crisis right now thanks to Intel and other major processors missing critical security flaws in their architecture. As a result, our ISP is doing a set of emergency updates to all of their hardware. We are getting about a day's notice on this, and we're told that they're going to need to patch each machine multiple times, which very inconveniently means multiple downtimes.

Our TEC and GR games have always been the most vulnerable to downtime, so I'm going to take the care to cleanly shutdown and restart those.

GR: Sunday, Midnight (all times are PT) DONE
TEC: Monday, 10PM

Expect the games to go down 10 minutes before the downtime, to be safe.

The other games tend to be cleaner, so I'm going to let them restart on their own:

Lovecraft: Monday, 9PM
Lazarus: Monday, 9PM
Web Site: Monday, 11PM [this will affect all logins & usage of the new TEC client]
TEC Client: Tuesday, 9PM
USERDB (site login): Tuesday night, midnight

The upgrade windows have all been less than 30 minutes to date, so you can expect games and/or services will be back up within 35-40 minutes of the hour.

I believe this is now a complete list of the first phase of updates, but there will be a second in the near future.

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    Hi all,

    I know the forum spam has been bad of late. I've been trying to keep up with it, but there are days when I go to bed to clean forum and wake up 8 hours later to 30+ spam postings. I believe Skotos is looking into a solution, but it's more of a VBulletin shortcoming than anything, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot Skotos can do at this time other than continue to aggressively delete and ban forum bots.

    You probably don't need to report forum spam at this point, I check the forums a few times a day for it and usually end up deleting 6 to 8 posts a day. But thanks for your diligence.

    Thanks and happy gaming.
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