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Plot Discussion - The Man in the Mysterious Mask

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  • Plot Discussion - The Man in the Mysterious Mask

    The plot has ended, and the ending revealed. Were you surprised? Did you expect it? I'm hoping I had at least a few of you guessing

    For those of you unsure, I won't spoil it here; get out to the keep and ask! I want to thank every single one of you who interacted with the Mask during his week+ stay in the keep. I could have written this story and just tossed a book to enter the library, and it might have been a curiosity. But to have an interactive story that molded around you, the players, of all different types of styles of roleplaying; that is what truly makes a Plot.

    And so thank you, again, for making my story come alive. Each of you took part in a grand play that you should be proud of playing. It was as fun for me as it was for you, I assure you, and in my many, many years playing this game, I have learned many new things through its course about how the different styles can change a story's direction either minutely or majorly.

    But like all stories, there's bound to be some problems. If you have any constructive feedback, or just want to talk about the plot, feel free to reply below. I look forward to working with all of you some more <3

    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    You did a really good job! I thought many things about that man, but I never figured the ending that happened at all. Shame I didn't get a chance to smack him in the face, but the moral dilemmas he posed in questions were very thought provoking for my character, so thank you for that. I look forward to more of your work, keep it up!
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      Loovvvved it. I love hypothetical questions. They make great dungeons and dragons quests too

      You have found an artifact, and it possesses you. And says that you must choose for someone to die.. etc etc....

      What do you do?

      Thought provoking stuff to help you think about and demonstrate your character. Greaaatness.


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        Really enjoyed the short times playing with him, but please bring back Lahderic! He needs to be a fixture in the castle to continue stirring up people. And Sofya is DEFINITELY not finished examining HIS psychological / moral make-up!

        Sera Sofya


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          If Lahderic was truly born before the recent awakenings, Gareth isn't done with him either. >.>
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